Nancy Polette’s Professional Books

Nancy has written over 150 professional books. Here is a sampling:

Stop the Copying: 25 Wasy to Report on Inventors, Presidents, Disasters, The Fifty States, Explorers. Pieces of Learning, 2011

The Brain Power Story Hour. McFarland, 2012

Fairy Tale Fun. Neal Schumann, 2012

Reading the Fifty States. ABC-Clio, 2010

Mysteries in the Classroom. ABC-Clio, 2009

Gifted Biographies, Gifted Readers. Libraries Unlimited, 2010

Reading the World with Picture Books. Libraries Unlimited, 2010

Best Ever Writing Models. Pieces of Learning, 2010.

Lures to Literacy,
Libraries Unlimited, 2003

Gifted Books, Gifted Readers,
Libraries Unlimited, 2001

Basic Library Skills,
Milliken Publishing, 1971

Library Skills for Primary Grades
, Milliken
Publishing, 1973
Developing Methods of Inquiry, Scarecrow,
In Service: School Library Media Workshops,
Scarecrow, 1973
The Vodka in the Punch, Shoestring, 1975
Reading Guidance in a Media Age,
Scarecrow, 1975
The Modern School Library, Scarecrow, 1975
E Is for Everybody, Scarecrow, 1982
Exploring Books With Gifted Children,
Libraries Unlimited, 1980
Picture Books for Gifted Programs,
Scarecrow, 1981
Three R’s for the Gifted, Libraries
Unlimited, 1982
Books and Real Life, McFarland, 1984
Books to Build Brain Power, McFarland,
Activities with Coretta Scott King Award
, Highsmith, 2000
Exploring Books with Gifted Children
Libraries Unlimited, 2000