Nancy Polette’s Children’s Books

These are children’s books that Nancy Polette has authored:

NEW! Non Fiction: The Spy with the Wooden leg. Alma Little, an imprint of Elva Resa Publishers, 2012
NEW! Non Fiction: The Petticoat Soldier. Mayhaven Publishers, 2012
NEW! Fiction: Diagnosis: Monster. BlessInks, 2011

NEW! Non Fiction: Genuine Geniuses
Pieces of Learning, 2010.

Non Fiction: Damsel or Daredevil?
Pieces of Learning, 2006.

Non Fiction: Power or Politics: Fact and Fiction of the Presidents.
Pieces of Learning, 2005.

Non Fiction: Blunder or Brainstorm? Fact and Fiction of Inventors and Inventions.
Pieces of Learning, 2005.

Non Fiction: Gifted or Goof Off? Fact and Fiction of the Famous.
Pieces of Learning, 2003.

Non Fiction: What is this Thing? Everyday Things of Long Ago
Pieces of Learning, 2007.

Fiction: Grandma’s Patchy Pocket Kaeden Publishing, 2004
Non Fiction Isn’t It Strange Kaeden Publishing, 2004

Novel: Katie Penn,
Concordia Publishing, 1989
Picture Book: Tangles, Book Lures, Inc.,
Picture Book: The Little Old Woman and the
Hungry Cat
, Greenwillow Books, 1989
Picture Book: The Hole By the Apple Tree,
Greenwillow Books (Wm. Morrow), 1992.
Non Fiction: Research Reports To Knock Your
Teacher’s Socks Off
Pieces of Learning, 1997.
Fighter Wore A Skirt,
Pieces of Learning, 2002.
Flying with Mother Goose,
Pieces of Learning, 2003.
Pocahontas, Children’s Press, 2003
Mae Jemison, Children’s Press, 2003