Workshops – Writing Through the Curriculum (Primary, Intermediate, Middle School)

A practical, hands-on workshop to help in the teaching of writing as contrasted with the giving of writing assignments. Based on what research says works, participants will experience a variety of use tomorrow strategies for helping students to become competent writers.


  • The reading/writing connection
  • Generating a reading journal
  • Written responses to literature that are:
  • -Interpretative

  • Helping students to extend ideas and make connections to related topics
  • Questioning strategies to stretch student thinking
  • Producing a report with an organizing structure appropriate to a specific purpose
  • Writing opportunities on the Internet
  • ABC writing patterns (primary)
  • The writing process (pre writing, drafting, revising, editing, sharing)
  • Playing with sentences (vocabulary substitution, expanding sentences, rearranging sentences, sentence reduction)
  • Pattern books as springboards to writing
  • Using inductive reasoning in writing a mystery
  • Developing the characters, setting and plot of a story
  • Storyboards (a great way to rehearse before writing)
  • Poetry writing patterns from the masters
  • Writing and performing readers theatre
  • Springboards to writing to persuade, to describe, to inform.
  • How to produce a clearly written, well developed research report with NO copying
  • Research reporting patterns
  • Elaboration as a writing tool
  • This workshop can be offered as a one or two day workshop. An optional one semester hour of graduate credit from Lindenwood University is available for two day workshops.