Workshops – Three Rs for the Gifted Primary, Intermediate, Middle School, Junior High

An exciting in-service offering for educators who wish to help gifted students to become:

  • Avid readers
  • Critical and creative thinkers
  • Interested learners
  • Organized investigators
  • Effective communicators
  • Responsible information users

The workshop includes:

  • Books to promote higher level thinking
  • Readers theatre as springboards to science units
  • Thematic studies for real world problem solving
  • Differentiating skills teaching for gifted students
  • Micro-themes
  • Unique research products with no more copying
  • Critical reading and critical thinking skills
  • Multi-cultural and global studies
  • Literature and the social studies and much more!

The workshop will introduce the best new books especially chosen for students in gifted programs!

Featuring a differentiated curriculum for gifted students

  • Content related to themes, issues or problems.
  • Integrating multiple disciplines
  • Developing independent and self-directed study skills
  • Focusing on open-ended tasks
  • Integrating basic skills and higher level thinking skills
  • Encouraging risk taking
  • Allowing for choice ( self-selected experiences)
  • Encouraging development of products that use new techniques, materials and forms.
  • Developing research skills and methods.
  • Self evaluation of products