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Nancy's picks for the best picture books & poetry of Winter 2008-2009; 2009 Spring. Compiled by Nancy Polette 2009.
Last updated: Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Aston, Dianna Hutts. THE MOON OVER STAR. Illustrated by Jerry Pinkney. Dial, 2008. Grades K-2.
A little girl watches the first moon landing that inspires her dreams.

Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta. THE HOG PRINCE. Illustrated by Jason Wolff. Dutton, 2009. Grades K-2.
Eldon Hog is told by a fairy that he can turn into a prince if he kisses his true love. But finding a true love isn't as easy as it sounds.

Breathed, Berkeley. PETE AND PICKLES. Philomel Books, 2008. Grades K-3.
The wild adventures of a pig and an elephant.

Brown, Peter. THE CURIOUS GARDEN. Little Brown, 2009. Grades K-3.
A little boy helps plants to grow in a drab, gray city and turns everything green.

Covey, Sean. THE SEVEN HABITS OF HAPPY KIDS. Illustrated by Stacy Curtis. Simon & Schuster, 2008.
Seven stories with rules for happy lives.

Cronin, Doreen. THUMP, QUACK, MOO. Illustrated by Betsy Levin. Atheneum, 2008. Grades K-2.
Farmer Brown's animals are getting ready for the annual Corn Maze Festival and Duck has plans of his own.

Gliori, Debi. THE TROUBLE WITH DRAGONS. Walker, 2008. Grades 1-3.
The careless ways of dragons could cause the end of the Earth, unless they can find a way to turn things around.

Hale, Shannon and Dean. RAPUNZEL'S REVENGE. Illustrated by Nathan Hale. Grades 3-6.
Rapunzel and Outlaw Jack, gallop around the Wild, battling creatures, righting wrongs and changing their world forever. Cartoon style.

Hesse, Karen. SPUDS. Illustrated by Wendy Watson. Scholastic, 2008. Grades 1-3.
Hot potatoes on a cold night are fine but are they really potatoes the children gathered from Mr. Kennedy's field?

Hest, Any. THE DOG WHO BELONGED TO NO ONE. Illustrated by Amy Bates. Abrams, 2008. Grades PreK-2.
A little lost dog and a lonely little girl find each other. A touching story with lovely watercolor illustrations.

Isaacs, Anne. THE GHOSTS OF LUCKLESS GULCH. Illustrated by Dan Santat. Atheneum, 2008. Grades 2-4.
When the greedy ghosts of old gold miners steal Estrella's pets, she will need every bit of her pluck and nimble-footedness to rescue them.

Johnson, Stephen. A IS FOR ART. Simon & Schuster, 2008. Grades 3-6.
A journey of discovery about art and language through abstract painting, collage and sculpture.

Kajikawa, Kimiko. TSUNAMI. Illustrated by Ed Young. Philomel, 2009. Grades 1-3.
An old man on a balcony has to warn the villagers below of the coming tsunami.

Katz, Alan. GOING, GOING, GONE ! Illustrated by David Catrow. McElderry Books, 2009. All ages.
Fun sports songs sung to familiar tunes.

Kirk, Daniel. THE LIBRARY MOUSE. Abrams, 2009. Grades 1-3.
A small mouse who loves to write and draw leaves small books for children to find.

Kirsch, Vincent. NATALIE AND NAUGHTILY. Bloomsbury, 2008. Grades 1-3.
Two sisters live on top of the greatest department store in the world and spend their days going from one department to another and being asked to leave. They finally find a way to be helpful!

LeFranc, Karen. JAKE THE BALLET DOG. Illustrated by Marcin Baranski. Walker, 2008. Grades K-3.
Jake stays with the ballerina Allegra and goes to rehearsals and performances with her, learning a lot about ballet in the process.

Lucas, David. THE ROBOT AND THE BLUEBIRD. Farrar, 2008. Grades K-2.
A robot and a bluebird set off on a memorable journey.

Orgel, Doris. DOCTOR ALL KNOWING. Illustrated by Alexandra Boiger. Atheneum 2008. Grades K-3.
Doctor All Knowing manages to change his sad life and feed his poor daughter, Maggie.

McDonald, Megan. THE HINKY PINK. Illustrated by Brian Floca. Atheneum, 2008. Grades 2-4.
What can Anabel do about a Hinky Pink who pinches and keeps her awake all night?

Rowe, John A. SMILE. Penguin, 2008. Grades 1-3.
People of Grumpy Town have forgotten how to smile until a new baby arrives.

Schotter, Roni. THE HOUSE OF JOYFUL LIVING. Illustrated by Terry Widener. Farrar, 2008. Grades 1-3.
Community life in a rooftop world.

Shelby, Anne. THE MAN WHO LIVED IN A HOLLOW TREE. Illustrated by Cor Hazelaar. Atheneum, 2009. Grades K-3.
A man found a hollow tree just right to move into and lived his life there till the age of 143.

Steffensmeier, Alexander. MILLIE THE MAIL COW. Walker, 2009. Grades K-3.
Millie gets lost in the snow trying to deliver packages on Christmas Eve.

Stewart, Amber. NO BABYSITTERS ALLOWED. Illustrated by Laura Rankin. Bloomsbury, 2008. Grades K-2.
Hopscotch hides in his 'No Babysitters Allowed Fort' until he hears the sitter reading his books all wrong.

Thomas, Shelley, A COLD WINTER'S GOOD KNIGHT. Illustrated by Jennifer Plecas. Dutton, 2008. Grades K-2.
Three small dragons cause havoc at the royal ball.

Thomson, Sarah. IMAGINE A PLACE. Illustrated by Rob Gonsalves. Atheneum, 2008. All ages.
Pictures and text create a place made of pure imagination.

VanLeeuwen, Jean. CHICKEN SOUP Illustrated by David Gavril. Abrams, 2009. Grades K-3.
Mrs. Farmer is ready to make chicken soup and all the chickens run and hide. But little chick has a cold and can't help sneezing.

Willey, Margaret. THE THREE BEARS AND GOLDILOCKS. Illustrated by Heather Solomon. Atheneum, 2008.
A new twist on an old tale as a little girl finds the natural habitat of the three bears.

Wilson, Karma. MORTIMER'S FIRST GARDEN. Illustrated by Dan Andreason. McElderry Books, 2009. Grades K-3.
Mortimer waits and waits for the seed he has planted to sprout and when it does he is in for a big surprise. A lovely read-aloud.