2006-2007 Winter Picture Books & Poetry


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Nancy's picks for the best picture books & poetry of Winter 2006-2007. Compiled by Nancy Polette 2006.
Last updated: Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Banks, Kate. MAX’S WORDS. Illustrated by Boris Kulikov. Farrar, 2006. Gr 1-3
When his classmates bring their collections to school Max has nothing to collect until he discovers words!

Base, Graeme. UNO’S GARDEN. Abrams, 2006 All ages
A story book, puzzle, book, numbers book that makes a plea for the environment, lavishly illustrated.

Bunting, Eve. ONE GREEN APPLE. Illustrated by Ted Lewin. Clarion, 2006 1-3
The story of a Muslim immigrant child who finds it hard being the new kid in school in a strange new country.

Delessert, Etienne. HUMPTY DUMPTY. Houghton Mifflin, 2006. Gr 2-4
A story about King Humpty Dumpty and the walls we build between one another.

Egan, Tim. ROASTED PEANUTS. Houghton Mifflin, 2006. Gr K-2
A tale of friendship between Sam, a super athlete and Jackson who is not very strong or very fast.

Edwards, Pamela Duncan. THE MIXED UP ROOSTER . Illustrated by Megan Lloyd. HarperCollins, 2006. Gr K-2
A rooster is banished from the hen house because he sleeps late. He finds a more perfect job as a night watchman after saving the hens from a snake.

Freeman, Don. CORDUROY LOST AND FOUND. Viking 1006. Gr K-2
Corduroy finds a balloon for his friend’s birthday but when the balloon escapes and the bear chases it he finds himself lost in a nighttime city.

Gibfried, Diane. BROTHER JUNIPER. Illustrated by Meilo So. Clarion, 2006. Gr K-3
Brother Juniper gave away whatever he had to those in need including the church building. The other brothers were shocked until they discovered the best place of all to hold services.

Goode, Diane. THE MOST PERFECT SPOT. HarperCollins, 2006. Gr K-3
Jack and Mama almost give up finding the perfect spot for a picnic until they find a very surprising “perfect Spot” back home.

Kimmel, Eric. THE LADY IN THE BLUE CLOAK Illustrated by Susan Guevara. Holiday House, 2006. Gr 3-4.
Legends from the Texas missions.

Jackson, Kathryn and Byron. PIRATES, SHIPS AND SAILORS. Illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren. Golden Books, 2006. Gr 2-4
Short stories and narative poems about pirates.

Lester, Helen. BATTER UP WOMBAT. Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger. Houghton Mifflin, 2006. Gr K-3
A play on homonyms as wombat from Australia does not understand baseball terms.

Lunge-Larsen, Lise. NOAH’S MITTENS. Illustrated by Matthew Trueman. Gr 2-4
A refreshingly told tale of Noah and the ark, beautifully illustrated.

Mortensen, Denise. OHIO THUNDER. Clarion, 2006. Gr K-4
A midwest thunderstorm described in verse, every word carefully chosen.

McElligott, Matthew. BLACKBEARD AND THE BIRTHDAY SUIT. Walker, 2005. Gr 2-4.
When Blackbeard admits it’s time for a new suit he finds getting the suit is not easy, but a pirate is still a pirate, even in a fancy suit.

Raven, Margot. NIGHT BOAT TO FREEDOM. Illustrated by E.B. Lewis. Farrar, 2006. Gr 2-4
Granny Judith asks John to row Molly across the river to the free state of Ohio, beginning the first of many dangerous journeys. A tale of courage and hope.

Recorvits, Helen. YOON AND THE CHRISTMAS MITTEN. Illustrated by Gabi Swiatkowska. Farrar, 2006. Gr K-3.
Yoon wants to celebrate Christmas as they do in America but her recently arrived Korean family objects, yet Yoon uses her “shining wisdom” to convince her parents they can indeed be a Christmas family.

Rosenthal, Amy. COOKIES. Illustrated by Jane Dyer. HarperCollins, 2006. Gr K-2
Bite size life lessons using cookies to demonstrate. A charming introduction to character education.
Schneider, Howie. WILKY THE WHITE HOUSE COCKROACH. Putnam, 2006. Gr 2-4.
A cockroach ends up in the White House with the president and Secret Service hot on his trail.
Stringer, Lauren. WINTER IS THE WARMEST SEASON. Harcourt, 2006
Winter is warm coats, warm scarves, hot chocolate and hot breads, all of the warm things associated with winter.

Would, Nick. THE SCARAB’S SECRET. Illustrated by Christina Balit. Walker, 2006. Gr 2-4
In ancient Egypt, the god Ra created all things. But who could have dreamed that a tiny scarab beetle would hold the key to the life of the pharaoh himself. Flowing text and magnificent illustations.