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Nancy's picks for the best picture books & poetry of Winter 2004-2005. Compiled by Nancy Polette 2004.
Last updated: Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Brumbeau, Jeff. THE QUILT MAKER'S JOURNEY. Illustrated by Gail de Marcken. Orchard Books, Spring, 2005. Gr 2-5
A brave young girl leaves her village in search of the true meaning of happiness. Includes a wide variety of quilt patterns.

Cannon, Janell. PINDULI. Harcourt, 2004. Gr K-3
No one but her mama thinks Pinduli is a beautiful hyena. She wants to disappear but ends up showing the other animals how a few words can make abig difference. A touching story that shows looks aren't everything!

A world traveler, Dr. Harleyson, has disappeared. Follow the clues and solve the mystery!

Cecil, Randy. ONE DARK AND DREADFUL NIGHT. Holt, 2004. Gr 1-3
The Wayward Orphans Theatre performs in tragic and scary plays until....Each play is interrupted before the scariest part happens.

Dodds, Dayle Ann. HENRY'S AMAZING MACHINE. Illustrated by Kyrsten Brooker. Farrar, 2004. Gr 1-3
Henry's machine is getting larger and larger..what it does is a surprise for everyone. Excellent for introducing a unit on inventors.

Frank, John. THE TOUGHEST COWBOY OR HOW THE WILD WEST WAS TAMED. Illustrated by Zachary Pullen. Simon & Schuster, 2004. Gr 2-5
How do you tame the roughest pack of cowpokes ever to ride the open range? With a little dog, of course! Great examples of exaggeration. A fun read-aloud.

Grossman, Bill. MY LITTLE SISTER HUGGED AN APE. Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes. Knopf, 2004. Gr K-2.
A delightful introduction to many animals presented in rollicking verse and bold illustrations.

Krensky, Stephen. THERE ONCE WAS A VERY ODD SCHOOL. Illustrated by Tamara Petrosino. Dutton, 2004.
A great introduction to limmericks that poke fun at the many facets of school life.

Lasky, Kathryn. Humphrey , ALBERT AND THE FLYING MACHINE. Illustrated by John Manders. Harcourt, 2004. Gr 2-4
Sleeping Beauty as a fractured fairy tale when science comes to the rescue. An excellent example of a way-out parody.

Egan, Tim. THE TRIAL OF CARDIGAN JONES. Houghton Mifflin, 2004. Gr 1-3.
Cardigan Jones, a moose, is put on trial for stealing an apple pie. Did he do it? The reader becomes the jury! Excellent for inductive reasoning. Highly recommended!

Freeman, Don. WILL'S QUILL. Viking reissue, 2004. Gr 2-4
Can a goose from the country help William Shakespeare write plays? Here is one who does!

Is Henry Thoreau really wasting time or is he making the world a more beautiful place for those who live in it?

Paul, Ann Whitford. MANANA IGUANA. Illustrated by ETHAN LONG. HOLIDAY HOUSE, 2004.
A delightful retelling of "The Little Red Hen" with a Hispanic flavor.

Polette, Keith. ISABEL AND THE HUNGRY COYOTE. Illustrated by Esther Szegedy. Roaring Brook Press, 2004. Gr K-3.
A Hispanic Red Riding Hood with an original twist! Written in English with easy to understand Spanish words throughout the text. Captivating illustrations. An excellent read aloud ! Highly recommended.

San Souci, Robert. THE WELL AT THE END OF THE WORLD. Illustrated by Rebecca Walsh. Chronicle Books, 2004. Gr 1-4
Beautiful illustrated fairy tale in which Princess Rosamond sets out to find the waters that will cure her ailing father. A fiesty and courageous heroine.

Smith, Stu. GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE MARTIANS. Illustrated by Michael Garland. Dutton, 2004. Gr K-3.
Goldilocks takes off in a space ship, finding something wrong with each planet until she lands on Mars and finds herself in a whole lot of trouble. A fun parody.

Walton, Rick. A VERY HAIRY SCARY STORY. Illustrated by David Clark. Putnam, 2004. K-3
Sarah walks home at night and meets very, hairy, scary creatures! Fun rhyming text and shivery illustrations!

Watson, Richard Jesse. THE MAGIC RABBIT. Blue Sky Press,Spring 2005. Gr K-3
A rabbit discovers a magic hat and does all sorts of tricks. He makes frogs jump, mice scurry and birds fly. The best magic comes when he finds a friend to share his magic.

Winter, Jeanette. SEPTEMBER ROSES. Farrar, 2004.
Al ages. Two sisters from Africa bring their 2,300 roses to a flower show in New York City on 9/11. The show is cancelled but they find a unique use for the roses. A touching tribute to those who lost their lives and the families they left behind.

Zane, Alexander. THE WHEELS ON THE RACE CAR. Illustrated by James Warhola. Orchard Books, Spring 2005. Gr K-2
A delightful variation of "The Wheels On the Bus" using a race track as the setting.