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Nancy's picks for the best picture books & poetry of Winter 2001-2002. Compiled by Nancy Polette 2001.
Last updated: Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Bauer, Marion Dane. If You Had a Nose Like an Elephant's Trunk. Illustrated by Susan Winter. Holiday House, 2001. K-2 
What would you do if you had a nose like an elephant's, cheeks like a chipmunk's, or a tail like a monkey's? Here is an imaginative comparison of human and animal abilities.
Bierhorst, John. Is My Friend at Home? Illustrated by Wendy Watson. Farrar, 2201. Gr 2-4 
Here are Pueblo fireside tales about making and keeping friends; how coyote got his short ears; why mouse walks softly, and how bee learned to fly along with other tales about Mole, Badger, Beetle and Dove.
Birdseye, Tom. Look Out Jack! The Giant is Back! Illustrated by Will Hillenbrand. Holiday House, 2001. Gr K-3 
The brother of the giant that Jack killed is angry and after Jack's hide. He follows Jack to America with feet so stinky that geese faint in mid air. Readers will enjoy the tall tale exaggerations and be inspired to try some of their own.
Calmenson, Stephanie. The Frog Principal. Illustrated by Denise Brunkus. Scholastic, 2001. Gr 1-4 
In this twist on The Frog Prince, Mr. Bundy, the principal, is turned into a frog. The students have a hard time accepting a frog principal who eats bugs and does laps in sinks.
Freeman, Don. Corduroy & Company. Viking, 2001. Gr K-3 
Eleven complete Don Freeman stories including Corduroy, Norman the Doorman, Mop Top and Pet of the Met.
Garland, Michael. Mystery Mansion. Dutton, 2001. Gr 1-3 
When Tommy arrives at his Aunt's Victorian mansion, he has to follow clues to find her. Readers can find and count more than 400 creatures and unravel a secret message.
Hayes, Joe. Juan Verdades, The Man Who Couldn't Tell A Lie. Illustrated by J. Fiedler. Orchard, 2001. Gr 2-4. 
When Juan's employer bets his ranch on Juan's inability to tell a lie, a young woman does all she can to make him fail.
Jacques, Brian. A Redwall Winter's Tale. Illustrated by Christopher Denise. Philomel, 2001. Gr 4-6 
The sleepy Dibbuns hear a tale of a giant Snow Badger who brings Wintertide to the land while they are sleeping. Other Redwallers chuckle at the fanciful tale. But is it only a tale?
Jackson, Shirley. 9 Magic Wishes. Illustrated by Miles Hyman. Farrar, 2001. Gr K-3
If a magician gave you nine wishes, what would you wish for? A tiny zoo you could put in your pocket? A silver ship that can sail over trees? Activity: Class book: What would trees wish for? Paintbrushes? Snails? Tomatoes? Pot belly pigs? 
Kasza, Keiko. The Mightiest. Putnam, 2001. Gr K-2 
A timely book about what it means to be a bully told in a charming and humorous tale of a giant who is bested by a little old woman.
Kellogg, Steven. A Penguin Pup for Pinkerton. Dial, 2001. Gr K-3
Pinkerton is back dreaming of adopting his own penguin pup and mistakes a football for a penguin egg amid other hilarious adventures.
Lovell, Patty. Stand Tall, Molly Lou Mellon. Illustrated by David Catrow. Putnam, 2001. Gr K-3 
Molly Lou is short, clumsy, has buck teeth and a voice that sounds like a bullfrog being squeezed by a boa constrictor. But she doesn't mind because she takes her grandmother advice to heart, especially when a bully in a new school picks on her.
Lunge-Larsen, Lise. The Race of the Birkebeiners. Illustrated by Mary Azarian. Houghton-Mifflin, 2001. Gr 3-6 
In 1206, brave men of Norway struggle to ski a baby to safety. To save a child prince, they race against enemies and weather alike. An untold slice of Medieval history.
Martin, Rafe. The Storytelling Princess. Putnam, 2001. Gr 2-4
A prince refuses to consider any girl as his bride unless she can tell him a story whose ending he has never heard.
Mayer, Mariiana. The Adventures of Tom Thumb. Illustrated by K.Y. Craft. Sea Star Books, 2001. Gr 2-4. 
Tom, no bigger than his father's thumb, is swallowed by a cow, snatched by a crow, gulped down by a fish and fights a life-or-death struggle with Gembo, the giant.
McClintock, Barbara. Molly and the Magic Wishbone. Farrar, 2001. Gr K-3 
Molly can have only one wish on her magic bone. There are so many things to wish for but patience pays off when she knows for sure what she wants more than anything in the world.
Rand, Gloria. Sailing Home: A Story of a Childhood at Sea. Illustrated by Ted Rand. North-South Books, 2001. Gr 2-4 
Based on a journal, this is a true tale of the Madsen children whose home was a sailing ship that carried cargo all over the world.
Stafford, Liliana. The Snow Bear. Illustrated by Lambert David. Scholastic, 2001. Gr 2-4 
"The bear came into town to feed at the dump. Her cubs had been killed by hunters and she was weary. Only Bruun saw her plight."
Stewig, John Warren. Mother Holly. North-South Books, 2001. Gr 2-4 
Two sisters , one kind and one vain and lazy, have very different adventures when they tumble down a well into the world of Mother Holly.
Walton, Rick. That's My Dog. Putnam, 2001. 
Sentence expansion beginning with "A big red dog" and adding a word at a time to achieve: "He's my big, red, happy, muddy, smart, bouncy, slobbery, sneaky, stinky dog!"
Weigelt, Udo. It Wasn't Me! Illustrated by Julia Gukova. North-South Books, 2001. Gr K- 3
When Ferret's raspberries are missing his friends try to find out who done it!
Ward, Helen and Wayne Anderson. The Tin Forest. Dutton, 2001. Gr 2-4 
In the middle of a windswept wasteland full of discarded scrap metal lives a sad and lonely old man. In spite of his gloomy surroundings, he dreams of a forest full of birds and animals. When he finds a broken light fixture that looks like a flower, an idea begins to grow in his mind. Where there is imagination, there is hope.
Wright, Catherine. Steamboat Annie and the Thousand Pound Catfish. Illustrated by Howard Fine. Philomel, 2001. Gr 2-4. 
See what happens when Annie attempts to put an end to the mischief of Ernie, the thousand pound catfish.
Zahares, Wade. Big, Bad and a Little Bit Scary. Poems That Bite Back. Viking, 2001. Gr 2-5 
Poems about the villains of the animal kingdom, snakes, alligators, lions, bats, sharks and more.