2000-2001 Winter Picture Books & Poetry


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Nancy's picks for the best picture books & poetry of Winter 2000-2001. Compiled by Nancy Polette 2001.
Last updated: Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Beeke, Jemma. THE RICKETY BARN SHOW. Illustrated. by Lynne Chapman. Doubleday, 2001. Gr K-3 
The farm animals are having a great time putting on the Rickety Barn Show, the hens dance, the cows juggle and the sheep do acrobatics. All the animals get into the act but who will be left to watch?
Brown, Margaret Wise. MOUSE OF MY HEART. Illustrated. by Loretta Krupinski. Hyperion, 2001. Gr. K-3 
From the archives of Margaret Wise Brown comes a collection of fifty six stories and poems, many previously unpublished.
Coxe, Molly. BUNNY AND THE BEAST. Illustrated. by Pamela Silin-Palmer. Random House, 2001. 
Here is the classic fairy tale illustrated with rabbit fairies, froggy troubadours, nose-twitching sisters and a well meaning papa as well as Bunny, the heroine and a well meaning bull terrier beast.
dePaola Tomie. STREGA NONA TAKES A VACATION. Putnam, 2000 Gr K-3 
Can Big Anthony and Bambolona be left alone for one week while Strega Nona takes a vacation? If anything can go wrong, it will!
Santore, Charles. A STOWAWAY ON NOAH'S ARK. Random House, 2000.Gr: 2-4 
When the great storm comes Noah takes only two of every kind of animal on the ark. Ashbar, the mouse, does not want to be left behind so he stows away.
Say, Alan. THE SIGN PAINTER. Houghton-Mifflin, 2001. Gr. 2-6 
A boy and a sign painter create a series of billboards in the desert leading to a dream..but is it real? A thoughtful book about choices and following personal dreams
Tafuri, Nancy. SILLY LITTLE GOOSE. Scholastic, 2001. Gr PreK-2 
Goose is searching for a place to make her nest but the other animals object to her choices.
Thompson, Lauren. ONE RIDDLE, ONE ANSWER. Illustrated. by Linda S. WingerterScholastic, 2001.Gr. 2-4
When it is time to marry, Princess Aziza devises a clever number riddle for her suitors to solve.
Washington, Donna. A BIG SPOOKY HOUSE. Illustrated. by Jacqueline Rogers. Hyperion, 2000. Gr 1-3 
The big strong man isn't afraid of anything until he decides to spend a night in the big spooky house.