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Nancy's picks for the best picture books of Spring 2007. Compiled by Nancy Polette 2007.

Last updated: Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Alsenas, Linas. PEANUT. Scholastic, 2007. Grades K-2
Lonely Mildred finds a pet she thinks is a dog, but it doesn't act at all as a dog should. It is gray and has a long trunk. A fun story and a good writing model.
Banks, Kate. FOX. Illustrated by Georg Hallensteben. Farrar, 2007 Grades pre K-2
Little Fox grows with the seasons and learns the tricks of survival. Lovely prose for reading aloud.
Bauer, Marion Dane. A MAMA FOR OWEN. Illustrated by John Butler. Simon & Schuster, 2007
A touching tale of an orphaned hippo and a tortoise friend
Casanova, Mary. SOME DOG! Illustrated by Ard Hoyt. Farrar, 2007. Grades K-2
A new dog arrives at George's house. George is slow, the new dog is fast. What's an old dog to do to show he's still "Some Dog?"
Oershator, Phillis. SKY SWEEPER. Illustrated by Holly Meade. Farrar, 2007. Grades 2-4
Takeboki is the flower keeper for the temple and finds joy in his work though others urge him to find a better job.
Hassett, John and Ann. CAN'T CATCH ME. Houghton-Mifflin, 2006. Grades K-3.
An ice cube sets off for the ocean and meets an ant, a mouse, a goose and others on the way. A fun book to compare to The Gingerbread Boy.
Hayward, Linda. THE KINO'S CHORUS. Illustrated by Jennifer P. Goldfinger. Clarion Books, 2006. Grades K-2
A fun tale of a rooster who crows all night keeping the farm animals awake and the clever solution to the problem from Honketta, the goose.
Kimmel, Eric. RIP VAN WINKLE'S RETURN . Illustrated by Leonard E. Fisher. Farrar, 2007. Grades 2-4
A beautifully illustrated retelling of the classic tale of Rip who awakens to find his whole world has changed.
Landstrom, Lena. A HIPPO'S TALE. Farrar,2007. Grades PreK-2
Mrs. Hippo's bathing and quiet time is interrupted by a monkey. What is she to do?
LaRochelle, David. THE END. Illustrated by Richard Egielski. Scholastic, 2007. Grades K-3
A fun tale of a princess, a knight and a dragon that begins at the end. Excellent for introducing cause and effect.
Mora, Pat MARIMBA! ANIMALES FROM A TO Z. Illustrated by Doug Cushman. Clarion, 2006. Grades preK-2
When monkey plays his marimba the zoo animals celebrate with dancing and food. Easy to learn Spanish words presented in a coloful setting.
Moser, Lisa WATERMELON WISHES Illustrated by Stacey Scheutt. Clarios Books, 2006. Grades K-2
Charlie and Grandpap spend the summer planting and caring for watermelon seeds. Charlie assures Grandpap that they are growing a "wishing watermelon." A gentle story of a warm relationship between young and old.
Paul, Ann Whitehad. FIESTA FIASCO Holiday House, 2007. Grades K-3
Snake is having a birthday party...but what present can each guest bring?
Rocco, John. WOLF! WOLF! Hyperion, 2006. Grades K-2
A hungry wolf is dreaming of a feast when he hears a boy calling "Wolf!, Wolf!" Could it be they boy is inviting him for lunch?
Schneider, Judy and Weeks, Mary. BUT NOT QUITE! Classic Day Publication. Grades K-2
A delightful book for introducing concepts of simliarities and differences. Beautifully illustrated.
Sheth, Kashmirra. MY DADIMA WEARS A SARI. Illustrated by Yoshiko Jaeggi. Peachtree, 2007. Grades K-3
Rupa's grandmother wears a sari and shares all the wonderful things a sari can do. A glimpse into the culture and customs of India.