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Nancy's picks for the best picture books of Spring/Summer 2004. Compiled by Nancy Polette 2004.

Last updated: Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Albee, Sarah. THE DRAGON’S SCALES. Illustrated by John Manders. Random House, 2004. Gr K-2.
The dragon won’t let the people cross the bridge to get to the berry patches until a math contest (using the dragon’s scales) is proposed and won by a little girl.
Bedford, David. MO’S STINKY SWEATER. Illustrated by Edward Eaves. Hyperion, 2004. K-3
What happens when a favorite sweater needs a good wash but the owner doesn't want to give it up?
Brown, Margaret Wise.THE GOLDEN EGG BOOK . Illustrated by Leonard Weisgard. Golden Books, 1947. Re-issued 2004 by Random House. K-2.
Guess what is inside the egg that bunny finds? He handles the egg very carefully and finds a new friend after his nap.
Connor, Leslie. MIS BRIDIE CHOSE A SHOVEL . Illustrated by Mary Azarian. Houghton-Mifflin, 2004. Gr 2-4
A young immigrant chooses a shovel to take with her on her travels and finds multiple uses for it throughout her life.
Cronin, Doreen. DUCK FOR PRESIDENT, Illustrated by Betsy Lewin. Simon & Schuster, 2004. Gr 2-4
Duck, who began life in a pond, works his way from farmer, to governor to president, but is it really worth the trip?
Fleming Candace. GATOR GUMBO . Illustrated by Sally Anne Lambert. Farrar, 2004. Gr K-3
Gator can’t catch the tasty meals he used to have. But one day he decides to make a big pot of spicy, hot gumbo , but how will he get the other animals to help him boil, catch, sprinkle and chop?
Funke, Cornelia, THE PRINCESS KNIGHT , Illustrated by Kerstin Meyer...Chickenhouse, 2004.
A princess who wishes to be big, strong and brave teaches herself to become the bravest knight in the land.
Garriel, Barbara S. I KNOW A SHY FELLOW WHO SWALLOWED A CELLO . Illustrated by John O’Brien. Boyds Mill Press, 2004. K-3
This take off on “I Know An Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly” introduces instruments of the orchestra as a shy fellow swallows each one.
Hesse, Karen. THE CATS IN KRASINSKI SQUARE . Illustrated by Wendy Watson. Scholastic, 2004. Gr 2-4
Stray cats help two children get food to those who are trapped behind Ghetto walls in war torn Poland.
Hoberman, Mary Ann. YOU READ TO ME, I’LL READ TO YOU . Ilustrated by Michael Emberley. Little Brown, 2004. Gr K-2
Very short fairy tales to read together.
Icenoggle, Jodi. ‘TIL THE COWS COME HOME . Illustrated by Normand Chartier. Boyds Mill, 2004. Gr 2-4.
Here is a western version of the traditional Jewish folktale where a cowboy receives a gift of chaps. As the chaps wear out he makes a variety of things from the leather.
Jahn-Clough, Lisa. ON THE HILL . Houghton-Mifflin, 2004. Gr K-2
Camille and Franzi live on separate hills and have trouble finding each other when each sets off to visit the other hill.
Kimmel, Eric. A. DON QUIXOTE AND THE WINDMILLS . Illustrated by Leonard Everett Fisher. Farrar, 2004. Gr 2-4.
Here is a richly illustrated retelling of the tale of Don Quixote and his companion, Sancho Panza. Mistaking windmills for giants, Don Quixote goes bravely into battlewith his trusty friend beside him. Here is a a funny, loving portrait of one of literature’s best known knights.
Lansky, Bruce. MARY HAD A LITTLE JAM . Illustrated by Stephen Carpenter. Meadowbrook Press, 2004.
A clever sequel to traditional rhymes..children will enjoy comparing the two.
Palatini, Margie. MOOSEKITOS. Illustrated by Henry Cole. Hyperion, 2004 K-3
Moose misses his family and invites them all for a visit. When they all get to Moose Lodge, things don’t go quite as planned.
Park, Linda sue. THE FIREKEEPER’S SON . Illustrated by Julie Dowling. Gr 2-4
When the fires are not lit on each mountain top there is trouble in the land and the soldiers will come. Sang-he knows the fires ae important but he would like to see the soldiers.
Raven, Margot Theis. CIRCLE UNBROKEN . Illustrated by E.B. Lewis. Farrar, 2004. Gr 2-4
As a grandmother weaves a sweetgrass basket, she tells the story of her people from life in a village in faraway Africa, to the enslavement of a people and finally, freedom. A rich story of a craft, a culture and a people.
Rumford, James. Dog-of-the-Sea-Waves . Houghton Mifflin, 2004. Gr K-2
A fictional account of the discovery of the Hawaiian Islands.
Sturges, Philomon. SHE’LL BE COMIN ROUND THE MOUNTAIN WHEN SHE COMES . Illustrated by Ashley Wolff. Little Brown, 2004. Gr 2-4
A Southwestern version of a favorite song with a surprise ending when the reader discovers who "she" is!
Turner, Ann. PUMPKIN CAT . Illustrated by Amy June Bates. Hyperion, 2004. K-3
Two librarians adopt a small cat they find in the "Returned Books" bin. When they leave for the day the cat is lonely and searches for someone to talk to.
Wallace, Barbara Brooks. ARGYLE. Illustrated by John Sandford. Gr K-3.
Argyle was a milti-colored sheep and his wool made the most beautiful argyle socks. He becomes famous but does not like being in the spotight. His wool falls out and he retreats to the comfort of the farm.
Wells, Rosemary. MY KINDERGARTEN . Hyperion, 2004. PreK-K
A year in kindergarten with all of the celebrations, lessons and activities.
Wojciechowskii, Susan.A FINE ST. PATRICK’S DAY . Illustrated by Tom Curry. Random House, 2004. Gr. K-3.
Each year the towns of Tralah and Tralee have a St. Patrick’s Day decorating contest. Every year Trahah defeats Tralee. Things will be differentt this year when a funny little man with pointed ears and boots trimmed with bells shows up.