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Nancy's picks for the best picture books of Spring/Summer 2003. Compiled by Nancy Polette 2003.

Last updated: Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bang, Molly. DAWN. Seastar, 2002. Gr 2-4
A shipbuilder rescues a young woman who becomes his bride but the making of sails for a special schooner reveals an astonishing secret.
Bright, Paul. QUIET! Illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees. Orchard Books, 2003. Gr K-2
Mama Lion was upset that baby Leo couldn't take his nap, the jungle was too noisy! When PapaLion yelled 'Quiet' it got as quiet as.... how many similes can students come up with?
Casanova, Mary. ONE-DOG CANOE . Illustrated by Ard Hoyt. Farrar, 2003.Gr K-2
A canoe trip with a rhyming text ends with a spash as the animals climb aboard one by one.
Catalano, Dominic. MR BASSET PLAYS. Boyds Mill Press, 2003
Wealthy Mr. Basset spends his days making more money until he sees children playing in the park. He, too, tries boats, sailing in a yacht, he buys paintings; a horse (too big); and a symphony hall but he still isn't happy. What is he missing?
Corey, Shana. PLAYERS IN PIGTAILS . Illustrated by Rebecca Gibbon. Scholastic, 2003. Gr 2-4
How one determined girl followed a dream and became aplayer on the first-ever All American Girls Professional Baseball League.
Haan, Amanda. I CALL MY HAND GENTLE . Illustrated by Marina Sagona. Viking, 2003. K-3
Name all the things a hand can do ( pick, hug, throw,hold,pet, tickle, catch, build, hammer, write, count..all of these things I choose. I choose not to steal, push, hurt, grab, break.)....Excellent activity to combine fluency with character education.
Hartman, Bob. GRUMBLEBUNNY. Illustrated by David Clark. Putnams, 2003. Gr K-3
When Grumblebunny, Cuddlemop Sweetsnuffle nd Pretty are caught and tossed in wolf' stew pot, how can they escape?
Johnson, Spencer. WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? Illustrated by Steve Pileggi. Putnam's, 2003. K-6
An allegory. Who moved the cheese? Will it come back or will the mice have to look for new cheese on unfamiliar paths and around corners they have never explored?
Kay, Verla. HOMESPUN SARAH .Illustrated by Ted Rand. Putnam, 2003. K-6
A great read-aloud for primary grades. A writing model for upper grades. Colonial life retold two to three words at a time: 'Homespun Sarah Braided head Warm quilt snuggle, Feather bed.'
A shoemaker makes special shoes that make wishes come true. Activity: Class book: What would trees wish for? Paintbrushes? Snails? Tomatoes? Pot belly pigs?
Keller, Emily Snowell. SLEEPING BUNNY . Illustrated by Pamela Silin-Palmer. Random House, 2003. Gr K-3
A beautifully illustrated tongue-in-cheek retelling of a favorite tale. In this retelling, Beauty becomes Bunny, the fairies are a rainbow of winged piglets, and the prince is a glorious hare in golden armor.
Lewis, Kevin. THE RUNAWAY PUMPKIN Illustrated by S. D. Schindler. Scholastic, 2003. K-3
Wonderful repeating pattern! Compare with 'The Gingerbread Boy'. Create a pumpkin chant
McCaughren, Geraldine. ONE BRIGHT PENNY . Illustrated by Paul Howard. Viking, 2002. Gr 3-5
How can a poor boy fill an entire barn with one penny? Three sons try but only one is successful. A great problem-solving story for young thinkers.
Mitton, Tony. PLUM . Illustrated by Mary Grand. Pre Scholastic, 2003. Gr 2-4
A feast of poems, beautifully illustrated.
Minor, Wendell. AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL .Putnam, 2003. K-6
Each line of Katherine Lee Bates' poem is illustrated. Choose other patriotic songs for children to illustrate. Show with music as a Power Point presentation.
Stojic, Manya. SNOW. Knoopf, 2002. Gr K-2
A wonderful introduction to animals of the woods and the five senses. Each small animal predicts the coming of snow using sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.
Waber, Bernard. COURAGE. Houghton-Mifflin. 2002 Gr K-3
Riding your bicycle for the first time without training wheels is one kind of courage. There are many other kinds shown with clever illustrations.
Weiiglet, Udo. WHAT LIES ON THE OTHER SIDE? Illustrated by Maja Dusikova. NorthSouth Books, 2002. Gr K-3
Little fox ignores a warning not to try to see what is on the other side of the river.