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Nancy's picks for the best picture books & poetry of Spring 2000 and ideas for using them in the classroom. Compiled by Nancy Polette 2000.
Last updated: Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Anderson, Lena. Tea for Ten. R & S Books, 2000 Pre K-1
A delightful counting book that begins with hedgehog at home waiting for visitors so she won't be "just one." Uncle Will arrives making two and followed by Elephant, Duck, Teddy and a host of others to make ten, all sitting around Hedgehog's table drinking tea and eating cookies. Activity: Suppose Hedgehog had ten cookies and five visitors. How many would each one get? Ask more math questions relating to the number of visitors and cookies.
Dunrea, Oliver. Appearing Tonight! Mary Heather Elizabeth Lvingstone. Farrar, 2000. Gr 1-3
Mary Heather is a star by the age of three, appearing nightly on stage to sing and recite. She longs for an ordinary life and eats and eats until she literally outgrows stardom. Eventually A world who rejects her because of her appearance learns to accept her as a person with unique gifts.Activity: Each child has a talent, identify the talent of each child in the class and compile a class book where each child illustrates and labels his or her talent. Talents might be: kind, organized, brave, good worker, neat, good listener etc.
Gorbachev, Valeri. Peter's Picture. North-South Books, 2000
All the animals tell Peter what he should do with his picture. What advice will you give?
Krudop, Walter Lyon. The Man Who Caught Fish. Farrar, 2000 Gr 1-3
A stranger gives away the fish he catches to "One person, one fish." The king insists on more but receives only one fish. Not even prison will change the stranger's mind. A tale from Thailand that shows the consequences of pride. Activity: Create a Venn Diagram that shows the differences in Thai customs from those of the children in the class. Use the illustrations as a guide.
Mandel, Peter. Say Hey! A Song of Willie Mays. Illus. by Don Tate. Hyperion, 2000
The career of this famous baseball player told on rhythmic text with repeating patterns.
Schnur, Steven. Night Lights, illus. by Stacey Schuett. Farrar, 2000. Gr K-2
A little girl counts one light in her room, two amber blinking clocks, three burning logs, four candles and finally the night sky with a million stars. Activity: Create a 1-10 counting book by observing items in the classroom or school.
Winnick, Karen B. Sybil's Night Ride. Boyds Mill Pres, 2000 Gr 2-4
A true story of a young girl who risks darkness and danger to warn troops that the British are invading. Activity: Trace her ride on the map found in the book.
Watts, Bernadette. The Lion and the Mouse. North-South Books, 2000
The age-old fable retold with a jungle setting.
Wormell, Mary. Why Not? Farrar, 2000 Pre K-2
An excellent repeating pattern book where a kitten tries to chase and scare all the farm animals despite his mother's scolding, Activity: List the farm animals from the book. Let children find two alike and one different and write three sentences. Example:A horse has four legs. A pig has four legs. A rooster does not have four legs.