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Nancy's picks for the best picture books & poetry of November and December 1998 and ideas for using them in the classroom. Compiled by Nancy Polette 1998.
Last updated: Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Cyrus, Kurt. SLOW TRAIN TO OXMOX. Farrar, 1998. Gr K-3
Edwin Blink is in a rush but by mistake boards the slow train to Oxmox. As the train meets more and more obstacles Edwin pulls with the other passengers to help so that the destination is reached.
Dobrin, Arthur.LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR: Stories of Values and Virtues. Scholastic, 1998 Gr 2-4
Original animal fables with themes of tolerance, prejudice, love and freedom, each ending with a question for the reader to ponder.
Gerrard, Roy. THE ROMAN TWINS. Farrar, 1998. Gr 2-4
Twins who seem doomed to be slaves begin a quest for freedom that involves a dramatic escape, a chariot race, and a threatened invasion of Rome.
Hindley, Judy. THE BEST THING ABOUT A PUPPY. Candlewick, 1998. (Gr K-2)
A good pattern book. The good thing about a puppy is...the bad thing is....
Hodges, Margaret. UP THE CHIMNEY. Holiday House, 1998. (Gr 2-4)
A young girl becomes a helper to a witch and is told she must never look up the chimney.
Johnston, Tony. BIGFOOT CINDERRRRRELLA. Putnams, 1998. (Gr 1-4)
Bigfoot prince is ready to choose his bride. He hopes she will be just like him, a big, hairy, odoriferous nature lover. Rrrrrella is a perfect match, but can she get past her nasty stepsisters and reach the fun fest in time to win the prince's heart?
Kinter, Judith. KING OF MAGIC, MAN OF GLASS. Clarion, 1998.(Gr 2-4)
When Rudolph receives enough money from the Man of Glass to live like a king he is filled with joy. But is all this money that allows him whatever he wishes really a good thing?
Munsch, Robert. RIBBON RESCUE. Scholastic, 1998. Gr K-3
'I'm late, I'm lost! I'm late. I'm lost!' cries a groom, a bride, the ring bearer and the wedding guests. Jillian saves the day by sharing ribbons from her new dress.
McCully, Emily Arnold. AN OUTLAW THANKSGIVING. Dial, 1998 (Gr 2-4)
Butch Cassidy and the wild west come alive in a real Thanksgiving in Brown's Hole, Utah in 1896.
Roberts, Bethany. FOLLOW ME. Clarion, 1998. (Gr K-3)
A colorful introduction to sea creatures as well as a fun counting book.
Sciszka, Jon & Lane Smith. SQUIDS WILL BE SQUIDS. Viking, 1998. ( Gr 2-6)
A fresh twist on fables with unusual morals.
Wells, Rosemary. YOKO. Scholastic, 1998. ( Gr K-2)
When Yoko goes to school everything is fine until lunchtime when the children make fun of her sushi. The other children turn their noses up at strange foods until everyone brings a dish for International Foods Day.
Woodruff, Elvira. CAN YOU GUESS WHERE WE'RE GOING? Holiday House, 1998.( Gr K-2)
Guess: where would you find monkeys, mountains, knights, dragons, fish and dinosaurs?
Woodrruff, Elvira. THE MEMORY COAT. Scholastic, 1998.( Gr 2-5)
Grisha refuses to replace his tattered coat to pass through Ellis Island since it was made by his mother and holds the memory of her love.
Wyeth, Sharon. SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL. Doubleday, 1998. Gr K-3)
A little girl tries to find something beautiful beyond the scary sidewalk sights where she lives.Activity: List the letters in beautiful as an acrostic.