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Nancy's picks for the best picture books of fall 2000 and ideas for using them in the classroom. Compiled by Nancy Polette 2000.
Last updated: Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Alexander, Lloyd. HOW THE CAT SWALLOWED THUNDER.. Illus. by Judith Byron Schachner. Dutton, 2000 Gr K-3
This is a tale of an old woman, a cat who has no purr and what happens when the cat swallows a kernel of corn which the old woman uses to make thunder.

Arnosky, Jim. RATTLESNAKE DANCE. Putnam, 2000. Gr PreK-2
Little does rattlesnake know that he'll soon be doing a dance and you will be doing it, too. Illustrations are sure to delight the youngest and with a dance to do, this is a sure winner .

Bradbury , Ray. SWITCH ON THE NIGHT. Illus. by Leo and Diane Dillon. Knopf, 2000 Gr K-6
A little boy is afraid of the dark until a young visitor shows him the joys of switching on the night. An interesting look at perspective for older students.

Capucilli, Alyssa Satin. INSIDE A ZOO IN THE CITY. Illus. by Ted Arnold. Scholastic, 2000. Gr. Pre K-2
A fun cumulative rebus tale introducing zoo animals.

Glass, Andrew. BEWILDERED FOR THREE DAYS: As to Why Daniel Boone Never Wore His Coon-skin Cap. Holiday House, 2000 Gr 2-4
Here is a tall tale of grizzly bears, untamed wilderness, and a promise made to some unusual friends who shared their home with Boone on one long, hard night.

Hall, Zoe. FALL LEAVES FALL. Illus. by Shari Halpern. Scholastic, 2000. Gr Pre K-2
A delightful look at leaves of all colors, shapes and sizes.

Hamilton, Virginia. THE GIRL WHO SPUN GOLD. Illus. by Leo and Diane Dillon. Blue Sky Press, 2000. Gr.2-5
An African version of the Rumplestiltskin tale, beautifully illustrated.

Helldorfer, M.C. HOG MUSIC. Illus. by S. D. Schindler. Viking, 2000. Gr K-3
Great Aunt Liza is sending Lucy a birthday gift in a wooden box by mail coach. As the box makes its way west past hogs in pens, hungry goats, splintering bridges, speeding drivers, trained monkeys and thieving peddlers, Lucy ends up with the best gift of all.

Jocelyn, Marthe. HANNA'S COLLECTION. Dutton, 2000. Gr Pre K-l
A books that shows how a little girl' s collection of things can lead to observing, sorting, comparing, counting and organizing.

Larson, Kirby. THE MAGIC KERCHIEF. Illus. by Rosanne Litzinger. Holiday House, 2000 Gr K-3
Griselda had a sharp tongue but a kind heart. When she gives shelter for a night to an old woman, she receives a magic kerchief that changes her life and those around her as well.

Martin, Rafe. THE LANGUAGE OF BIRDS. Illus. by Susan Gaber. Putnam,2000. Gr 2-4
Two brothers, one selfish and the other of good heart, set out to prove themselves in the world. When the good brother saves the life of a baby bird he is given the gift of understanding the language of birds. Others laugh at his gift until the selfish brother is threatened with death and the magnitude if the good brother's gift is fully appreciated.

May, Kathy L. MOLASSES MAN Illus. by Felicia Marshall. Holiday House, 2000 Gr 2-4
When Grandpa decides it's time to make molasses, everyone helps. And everyone knows Grandpa makes the best molasses ever. But one day someone else will take over for Grandpa. Who will be the nest Molasses Man?

Morpurgo, Michael. THE SILVER SWAN Illus. by Christian Birmingham. .Penguin/Putnam, 2000 Gr 2-6.
The relationship between a boy and a silver swan follows through a long, cold winter and many dangers, one resulting in the death of the swan. But the boy learns that nature renews itself.

Norris, Leslie. ALBERT AND THE ANGELS. Illus. by Mordocai Gerstein. Farrar, 2000.Gr 2-4
Albert plays the flute on the street to earn money to buy a gift for his mother. When a policeman puts a stop to this, Albert and his dog, Lucille, brave a dark and snowy night looking for the present Albert so much wants to give.

San Souci, Robert D. CALLIE ANN AND MIST AH BEAR. Illus. by Don Daily. Dial, 2000 Gr K-3
When Callie Ann's mama starts looking for a new husband, Mr. Bear tries to trick her with his gentlemanly ways but Callie Ann proves that the bear isn't husband material.

San Souci, Robert D. CINDERELLA SKELETON. Illus. by David Catrow. Harcourt,2000. Gr 2-6.
Sweetly foul Cinderella Skeleton lives in Boneyard Acres, but manages to steal the heart of Prince Charnel, the heartthrob of the Halloween Ball.

Slate, Joseph. MISS BINDERGARTEN STAYS HOME FROM KINDERGARTEN.Illus. by Ashley Wolff. Dutton, 2000. Gr PreK-2
Miss Bindergarten is home with the flu but a trusty substitute, Mr. Tusky, is ready to fill in. There are many things he does not know so the students help him out. They demonstrate their skills, share snacks, sing songs and make get- well cards.

Weigelt, Udo. WHO STOLE THE GOLD? Illus. by Julia Gukova. North-South Books, 2000. K-3
A mystery to be solved when Hamster's gold is missing and all the forest suspects claim to be innocent.

Wells. Rosemary. MAX CLEANS UP. Viking, 2000. r K-2
Max' s room is a mess. Sister Ruby wants to pick it up but things don't turn out quite as she planned.

Wise, William. DINOSAURS FOREVER. Illus. by Lynn Munsinger. Dial, 2000. Gr. K-3
Dinosaurs make a come back here with sprightly dinosaur rhymes.

Winch, John. KEEPING UP WITH GRANDMA. Holiday House 2000 Gr K-3
Grandpa likes things just the way they are but Grandma longs for adventure. Mountain climbing, white water canoeing, cave exploring: Grandma wants to try them all. Will Grandpa be able to keep up?

Wood, Audrey. JUBAL'S WISH. Illus. by Don Wood. Scholastic,2000. Gr K-3
No one want to share the joy of a beautiful day with Jubal, the bullfrog. But he does find a way to make each of his friends happy.