2008-2009 Winter; 2009 Spring Non-Fiction


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Nancy's picks for the best non-fictionof Winter2008-2009; 2009 Spring. Compiled by Nancy Polette © 2009.
Bryan, Ashley. WORDS TO MY LIFE'S SONG. Atheneum 2009. Grades 3-6.
An autobiography of the artist and poet.

Florian, Douglas. DINOTHESAURUS. Atheneum, 2009. Grades 3-6.
Prehistoric poems and paintings…all about dinosaurs.

Goldish, Meish. BUG-A-LICIOUS. Bearport, 2009. Grades 2-5.
People do eat grasshopper tacos and buggy pizza and all are displayed here in full color with a lively text.

Henson, Heather. THAT BOOK WOMAN. Illustrated by Davis Small. Atheneum, 2009. Grades 2-4.
The true account of the pack horse librarians who served the mountain people in the 1930s.

Hopkins, Lee Bennett. CITY I LOVE. Abrams, 2009. Grades 3-6.
18 poems that lead the reader on a tour of the world's largest cities.

Hopkinson, Deborah. HOME ON THE RANGE. Illustrated by S. D. Schindler. Putnam, 2009. Grades 2-4.
The story of John A. Lomax and his cowboy songs.

Hughes, Langston. THE NEGRO SPEAKS OF RIVERS. Illustrated by E.B. Lewis. Disney/Jump At the Sun. 2009. Grades 4-8.
The famous poem of the poet who was the voice of the Harlem Renaissance.

McCarthy, Meghan. SEABISCUIT, WONDER HORSE. Simon & Schuster, 2008.
An outstanding true tale of the famous race horse, of hope and determination and belief in the unbelievable. An outstanding book!

Mortenson, Geg. LISTEN TO THE WIND. Illustrated by Susan L. Roth. Dial, 2009. Grades 3-6.
The true story of a man who built schools for children in Pakistan.

Murphy, Glenn. INVENTIONS. Simon & Schuster, 2009. Grades 4-8
Introducing inventions from the wheel to bionics. Excellent illustrations.

Kennedy, Robert F., Jr. ROBERT SMALLS: THE BOAT THIEF. Illustrated by Patrick Faricy. Hyperion, 2008. Grades 4-6.
The true account of Robert Smalls who stole a Confederate gunship and delivered it to the Federal Navy with freed slaves aboard.

Larson, Kirby and Mary Nethery. TWO BOBBIES. Illustrated by Jean Cassels. Walker, 2008. Grades 2-4.
A true story of Hurricane Katrina, friendship and survival.

Lunis, Natalie. DACHSHUND: THE HOT DOGGER. Bearpoty, 2009. Grades 1-4.
Lively text and photographs give considerable information about this dog.

Mazer, Harry. MY BROTHER ABE. Simon & Schuster, 2009. Grades 4-6.
Sally Lincoln tells what it was like to be Abraham's sister

Mortenson, Greg. THREE CUPS OF TEA. Dial, 2009. Grades 5-8.
The true story of a male nurse who brought a school to a small village in Pakistan.

Noyes, Deborah. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE END. Houghton-Mifflin, 2008. Grades 7-up.
A-W topics that explore the many aspects of death.

Pennypacker, Sarah, SPARROW GIRL. Illustrated by Yoko Tanaka. Disney/Hyperion, 2009. Grades 1-3.
A little girl tries to save the sparrows when China's leaders decree the birds must be destroyed.

O'Brien, Tony and Mile Sullivan. AFGHAN DREAMS: YOUNG VOICES OF AFGHANISTAN. Bloomsbury, 2008. Grades 3-7.
The words of young Afghans who wish for peace in their neighborhoods, in their country and in their lifetimes.

Rabin, Staton. MR. LINCOLN'S BOYS. Illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline. Viking, 2008. Grades 3-6.
Tad and Willie, the president's mischievous sons treat the White House like their very own playground. Magnificent realistic illustrations.

Rappaport, Doreen. ABE'S HONEST WORDS. Illustrated by Kadir Nelson. Hyperion, 2008. Grades 2-6.
Beautifully illustrated life of Lincoln with many of his own words.

Rappaport, Doreen, ELEANOR, QUIET NO MORE. Hyperion, 2009. Grades 3-6.
A picture biography with many quotes from this famous woman.

Ray, Deborah Kogan. WANDA GAG: THE GIRL WHO LOVED TO DRAW. Viking, 2008. Grades 2-4.
The author/artist of Millions of Cats put aside her dreams of becoming an artist to steer her family through tough times. When the job was done she won scholarships to art schools, becoming a beloved children's author/artist.

Ruddell, Deborah. A WHIFF OF PINE AND A HINT OF SKUNK. Illustrated by Joan Rankin. Grades 2-4.
Through the four seasons with animals of the forest. Fun poetry.

Spradlin, Michael. DANIEL BOONE'S GREAT ESCAPE. Illustrated by Ard Hoyt. Walker, 2008, Grades 2-4.
A true account of Boone's escape from the Shawnee's and his four day journey over 180 miles to warn the settlers of an attack.

Stark, Ken. MARCHING TO APPOMATTOX. Putnam's 2009. Grades 5-7.
Detailed illustration and text chronicle the seven pivotal days that led to the end of the Civil War.