2006-2007 Winter Non-Fiction


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Nancy's picks for the best non-fiction of Winter 2006-2007. Compiled by Nancy Polette 2006.
Last updated: Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Demi, SU DONGPO. Lee & Low Books, 2006.Gr 2-4
A picture book biography of a leading scholar and statesman in 11th century China who faced many reversals of fortune with humility and compassion.

George-Warren, Holly. HONKY TONK HEROES AND HILLBILLY ANGELS. Illustrated by Laura Levine. Houghton Mifflin, 2006. Gr 3-6
Short illustrated biographies of the pioneers of western music.

Greenberg, David. DON’T FORGET YOUR ETIQUETTE. Illustrated by Nadine Westcott. Farrar, 2006. Gr 1-3
The “essential guide to misbehavior” told in verse.

Kennedy, Edward M. MY SENATOR AND ME; A DOG’S EYE VIEW OF WASHINGTON D.C.  Scholastic, 2006. Gr 1-4
A day with a U.S. Senator and his dog is a great introduction for primary children to the work of our lawmakers .

Leedy, Loreen and Andrew Schuerger. MESSAGES FROM MARS. Holiday House, 2006. Gr 2-4.
In 2016 readers join a group of kids on their trip to Mars.

McCutcheon, John. CHRISTMAS IN THE TRENCHES. Illustrated by Henri Sorenson. Peachtree Books, 2006. Gr 3-5
A true tale of World War One when enemy soldiers laid down their arms on Christmas Eve and sang together.

Miller, Dennis. BIG ALASKA. Illustrated by Jon Van Zyle. Walker, 2006. Gr 2-4
A picture book journey across America’s most amazing state. Lively text and magnificent illustrations.

Nelson, S.D. QUIET HERO. Lee & Low Books, 2006. Gr 2-4
The story of Native American, Ira Hayes, one of the flag raisers on Iwo Jima in World War II.

Oppenheim, Joanne. DEAR MISS BREED. Scholastic, 2006. Gr 5-9
True stories of the Japanese-American incarceration during World War II and a librarian who made a difference. 

Ray, Deborah. TO GO SINGING THROUGH THE WORLD. Farrar, 2006. Gr 2-4
The story of Pablo Nezuda, the “people’s poet” and most celebrated writer in Latin America.

Schmemann, Serge. WHEN THE W ALL CAME DOWN. Kingfisher, 2006. Gr 7 up
A well researched account of the Berlin Wall and the fall of Soviet communism.

Schulman, Mark. MOM AND DAD ARE PALINDROMES . Illustrated by Adam McCauley. Gr 2-4
A wacky introduction to palindromes and how to discover them everywhere.

Siebert, Diane. TOUR AMERICA. Illustrated by Stephen Johnson. Chronicle Books, 2006. Gr 3-6
Familiar American landmarks described in lyrical verse.

Wallner, Alexandra. LUCY MAUD MONTGOMERY. Holiday House, 2006. Gr 2-4.
A picture book biography of the author of Anne of Green Gables.

Winter, Jonah. THE 39 APARTMENTS OF LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN. Illustrated by Barry Blitt. Schwartz & Wade Books, 2006. Gr 2-4
The tale of how Beethoven’s legless pianos were moved out of one apartment to the next, and next and next while he continued to compose.

Woodruff, Elvira. SMALL BEAUTIES. Illustrated by Adam Rex. Knopf, 2006. Gr 1-4
Darcy O’Hara sees small beauties all around her even when her family is forced to leave Ireland for America.