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Nancy's picks for the best non-fiction of Spring/Summer 2005. Compiled by Nancy Polette 2005.

Last updated: Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Appelt, Kathi. MISS LADY BIRD'S WILD FLOWERS. Illustrated by Joy Hein. Boyds Mill, 2005. Grades 3-6
The story of how Lady Bird Johnson, the First Lady, helped to beautify America.
Brown, Don. YOUNG ALBERT EINSTEIN. Houghton-Mifflin, 2004. Grades 2-4
Albert was an odd child and no one would have predicted that he would become one of the world's greatest thinkers. Here is the story of that boyhood.
Carney, Mary Lou. DR WELCH AND THE GREAT GRAPE STORY. Boyds Mill, 2005. Grades 3-6
The story of Dr. Welch who thought grapes might make a sweeter drink than wine and his work to make his idea a reality.
Cox, Sarah Mayor. PICTURES TELLING STORIES: THE ART OF ROBERT INGPEN. Penguin, 2005. Grades 6 up
Reproductions of the artist's work from more than 100 illustrated books. with enlightening commentary.
Davies, Jacqueline. THE BOY WHO DREW BIRDS. Illustrated by Melissa Sweet. Houghton Mifflin, 2004. Grades 2-4
A well written easy to read biography of John James Audubon with illustrations that help tell his story.
Demi. MOTHER TERESA. McElderry Books, 2005. Grades 3-6.
A beautifully illustrated biography of Mother Teresa, a tireless benefactor of society.
High, Linda Oatman. CITY OF SNOW: THE GREAT BLIZZARD OF 1888. Illustrated by Laura Francesca Filippucci. Walker, 2004. Grades 3-6
Haunting illustrations and free verse narration bring the blizzard alive showing the hardships when the largest city in the country was shut down.
Hopkins, Lee Bennett, Ediyot. OH NO, WHERE ARE MY PANTS? Illustrated by Wolf Erlbruch. HarperCollins, 2005. Grades 1-4
Fourteen poems about disaster days..worm-in-the-apple days, friends-moving-away days and even forgetting-my-pants days.
Hines, Gary. MIDNIGHT FORESTS. Illustrated by Robert Casilla. Boyds Mill, 2005. Grades 3-6
The story of Gifford Pinchot and our national forests. Inspiring & thought provoking.
Karr, Kathleen. MAMA WENT TO JAIL FOR THE VOTE. Illustrated by Malene Laugesen. Hyperion, 2005. Grades 3-5
Mama fights for women's right to vote by picketing the White House, ending up in chains and being arrested for protesting. Susan Elizabeth joins the fight, too, in her own small way.
Krensky, Stephen. DANGEROUS CROSSING: The Revolutionary Voyage of John Quincy Adams. Illustrated by Greg Harlin. Dutton, 2005. Grades 3-5
In February 1778 John Adams is sent on a secret mission to France. Together with his son, John, they make the dangerous winter crossing facing an angry ocean and perilous sea battles.
Krull, Kathleen. A WOMAN FOR PRESIDENT: THE STORY OF VICTORIA WOODHULL. Illustrated by Jame Dyer. Walker Grades 3-6.
Victoria Wodhull supported her family from the age of eight. She became a millionaire by offering financial advice from the spirit world. In 1872 she was the first woman to run for president. A close look at the life of a fascinating woman.
Lewis, J. Patrick. PLEASE BURY ME IN THE LIBRARY. Illustrated by Kyle M. Stone. Harcourt 2005. Grades 3-6
Delightful poems about books and libraries, beautifully illustrated. A must have!
Lunge-Larson, Lise. THE HIDDEN FOLK. Illustrated by Beth Krommes. Houghton-Mifflin, 2004. Grades 4-6.
Here is a much needed resource of stories of fairies, dwarves, selkies and other secret beings. Lush illustrations!
Marx, Trish.. EVERGLADES FOREVER: RESTORING AMERICA'S GREAT WETLAND. Photographs by Cindy Karp. Lee & Low, 2004. Grades 3-6.
Beautifully illustrated account of the work being done to restore the Everglades.
Morrison, Gordon. NATURE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. Houghton-Mifflin, 2004. Grades 4-6,
The diversity and abundance of life that can be found in your own back yard along with the life cycles of plant and animal families in the neighborhood.
Prelutsky, Jack. THE FROG WORE RED SUSPENDERS. Illustrated by Petra Mathers. Harper trophy paperback release, 2005.
Twenty-eight rhymes with colorful illustrations from the popular poet.
Sommer, Shelley. JOHN F. KENNEDY HIS LIFE AND LEGACY. HarperCollins, 2005. Grades 5-8
An intimate look at the former president with photographs from the Kennedy family.
Time for Kids Biographies: JOHN F. KENNEDY,THEODORE ROOSEVELT, JACKIE ROBINSON, HARRIET TUBMAN. HarperCollins, 2004. Grades 2-4
Well written, easy to read biographies that help connect the past with the present.
Weatherford, Carole Boston. FREEDOM ON THE MENU: The Greensboro Sit-Ins. Illustrated by Jerome Lagarrigue. Dial, 2005 Grades 3-4
The story of the Woolworth counter sit-ins that led to a revolution and changes throughout the nation.
Yolen, Jane. HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN. Illustrated by Dennis Nolan.Dutton, 2005 Grades 2-4
A sensitive picture book biography of the famous storyteller