2004 Spring/Summer Non Fiction


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Nancy's picks for the best non-fiction of Spring/Summer 2004. Compiled by Nancy Polette 2004.

Last updated: Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Adler, David A. HEROES OF THE REVOLUTION. Illusrated by Donald A. Smith. Holiday House, 2004 Gr 3-6
From spying on the British to rescuing fallen soldiers on the battlefield, here are short stories of unforgettable heroes of the Revolutionary War.
Anderson, Marcella Fisher and Vollstadt, Elizabeth Weiss. YOUNG PATRIOTS. Boyds Mill Press, 2004. Gr 3-6
Fifteen short stories that bring to life the expriences of young people by showing the major events of the revolution through their eyes.
Batten, Mary. HUNGRY PLANTS. Illustrated by Paul Mirocha. Random House, 2000. Gr 2-3
An easy-to-read introduction to the world of hungry meat-eating plants. Colorful illustrations help to explain the text.
Bartoletti, Susan. THE FLAG MAKER. Houghton-Mifflin, 2004. Gr 2-4
The story of the making of the Star-Spangled Banner.
Blacklock, Dan. THE ROMAN ARMY. Illustrated by Davod Lennett. Walker, 2004. Gr 4-8
The story of the army that controlled and protected the Roman Empire in the second century A.D.
Bruchac, Joseph. JIM THORPE'S BRIGHT PATH. Illustrated by S.D. Nelson. Lee & Low Books, 2004. Gr 2-4.
An inspiring picture book biography of Jim Thorpe as a champion and as a person.
Bolden, Tonya. WAKE UP OUR OUR SOULS. Harry Abrams, 2004. Gr 5 up
A much needed collective biography of black American artists with reproductions of some of their works.
Burleigh, Robert. LANGSTON’S TRAIN RIDE. Illustrated by Leonard Jenkins. Orchard Books, 2004. Gr 4-6
On a train trip in 1920 Langston Hughes was inspired to write his first famous poem, “The Negro Speaks of Rivers.”
Davis, Gibbs. WACKIEST WHITE HOUSE PETS. Illustrated by David A. Johnson. Scholastic, 2004. Gr 2-4.
True stories of unusual pets who have taken up residence in the White House.
Demarest, Chris. MAYDAY! MAYDAY! A COAST GUARD RESCUE. McElderry Books, 2004. Gr 2-4
Dramatic illustrations show what happens when a Coast Guard team rescues passsengers in a stricken boat.
Graham-Barber, Lynda. SPY HOPS AND BELLY FLOPS. Illustrated by Brian Lies. Houghton-Mifflin, 2004. Gr K-2
Curious behavior of woodland amimals told in rhyming verse.
Holzer, Harold. THE PRESIDENT IS SHOT! The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Boyds Mill Press, 2004. Gr 4-8
Told in language to capture the reader, the author sweeps away the fog of history to answer questions about Lincoln's assassination.
Katz, Susan. A REVOLUTIONARY FIELD TRIP. Illutrated by R.W. Alley.Gr 3-6 Simon & Schuster, 2004.
Poems of Colonial America.
Keenan, Sheila. O, SAY CAN YOU SEE? Illustrated by Ann Boyajian. Scholastic, 2004. Gr 2-6
The stories behind America’s symbols and landmarks.
Kerley, Barbara. WALT WHITMAN : WORDS FOR AMERICA. Illustrated by Brian Selznick. Scholastic, 2004. Gr 4-6
A beautifully illustrated biography of the poet including some of his poems.
Kulling, Monica. BEARS: LIFE IN THE WILD. Illustrated by Jean Cassels. Random House, 2004. Gr L-2
Here are simply told facts about different kinds of bears told with both action and suspense.
Krull, Kathleen. THE BOY ON FAIRFIELD STREET. Illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher. Holiday House, 2004. Gr 3-6.
A beautifully illustrated account of the youth of Dr. Seuss ..a dreamy boy who did not seem to fit in and how seeing the world through different eyes brought him fame.
Lalicki, Tom. GRIERSON'S RAID. Farrar, 2004. Gr 5-8
A day by day account of the 16 day raid through Mississippi led by Colonel Benjamin H. Grierson.
Miller, William. JOE LOUIS, MY CHAMPION. Illustrated by Rodney S. Pate. Lee & Low Books, 2004. Gr 2-4
Sammy wants to be a boxer like his hero, Joe Louis, and comes to understand the true meaning of being a champion.
Ray, Deborah Kogan. THE FLOWER HUNTER: William Bartram, America's First Naturalist. Farrar Gr 23-6.
Told as a series of journal entries, here is the true story of the expeditions of a boy and his father to search for and catalog new plant life. From the Catskill Mountains to the remote wilderness they record their discoveries.
Tanaka, Shelly. D DAY. Illustrated by David Craig. Hyperion, 2004. Gr 4-8
Using real-life stories along with original paintings, photographs and memorabilia, the author presents a compelling account of this world-changing day.
Wallner, Alexandra. GRANDMA MOSES. Holiday House. Gr 2-4
A picture book biography of Grandma Moses who did not start painting and become famous until her senior years.