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Nancy's picks for the best non-fiction of fall 2000 and ideas for using them in the classroom. Compiled by Nancy Polette 2000.
Armstrong, Jennifer. SPIRIT OF ENDURANCE. Illus. by William Maughan. Crown, 2000 Gr 4-8
This is the true story of the Shackleton expedition to the Antarctic in 1914.

The true story of an English plowman who uncovered the greatest treasure ever found on the British Isles and, not knowing the value of his discovery, was cheated out of the fortune that should have been his.

Duke, Kate. TWENTY IS TOO MANY. Dutton, 2000. Gr. PreK-1
A clever introduction to subtraction as one boat is too small to hold twenty guinea pigs.

Gibbons, Gail. APPLES. Holiday House, 2000 Gr K-3
Information, brightly illustrated, about how apple trees grow, their various parts and the different varieties. Instructions on how to plant and care for an apple tree are included.

Henderson, Douglas. ASTEROID IMPACT. Dial, 2000. Gr 4-8
The re-creation of an asteroid impact on the Earth 65 million years ago with vivid text and illustrations.

Murphy, Jim. BLIZZARD! Scholastic, 2000. Gr.4-8
In 1888 from Virginia to Maine the region was brought to its knees by three days and nights of hurricane-force winds and unrelenting snow. Here is the tale of the men and women who battled the storm.

Rose, Deborah Lee. INTO THE A, B, C. Scholastic, 2000. Gr Pre K-2
A colorful, rhyming ABC book that introduces a variety of ocean creatures.

Simon, Seymour. OUT OF SIGHT: PICTURES OF HIDDEN WORLDS. Sea Star, 2000. Gr 4-8
With photographs and fascinating explanations, the reader is taken on a fantastic voyage to hidden worlds that the eye cannot see.

St. George, Judith. SO YOU WANT TO BE PRESIDENT? lllus. by David Small. Philomel, 2000. Gr 3-6
Backroom facts, spit-fire comments and comical anecdotes of forty-one presidents.

Thimmesh, Catherine. GIRLS THINK OF EVERYTHING  lllus by Melisssa Sweet. Houghton Mifflin, 2000. Gr 3-6
Here are stories of ingenious inventions by women, including candles, cloth, soap, helmets, baby carriers, Scotchgard, windshield wipers, chocolate chip cookies and more.

Wethered, Peggy and Ken Edgett. TOUCHDOWN MARS! lllus. by Maichael Chesworth Putnams, 2000 Gr K-3
An alphabet adventure that reveals interesting facts about Mars and space travel and what you might find on a trip beyond the stratosphere.