2001-2002 Winter Junior Novels


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Nancy's picks for the best junior novels of winter 2001-2002. Compiled by Nancy Polette 2001.
Last updated: Tuesday, October 07, 2008
DeFelice, Cynthia. The Ghost and Mrs. Hobbs. Farrar, 2001. Gr 4-6. 
A ghost appears to Allie as a handsome young man and points her in the direction of Mrs. Hobbs, the scary cafeteria lady. Could Mrs. Hobbs have killed the young man? Why do fires break out wherever Allie turns? She soon discovers she is in danger, but from whom?
Doherty, Berlie. The Famous Adventures of Jack. Greenwillow, 2001. Gr 3-6 
Here are Jack stories with giants, magicians, dragons, princesses, brave deeds, clever tricks and funny surprises,
Erickson, John R. Moonshiner's Gold. Viking, 2001. Gr 5-8 
Riley, his brother and mother live alone on a Texas ranch and discover that moonshiners have set up a still on their property. The law refuses to help and things get even stranger when Riley finds a sack of gold, leading to a mysterious web of crime bigger than anything he could have imagined.
Gavin, Jamila. Coram Boy. Farrar, 2001. Gr 6-8 
Otis Gardiner disposes of unwanted children in 18th century England until his young son discovers an infant he considers special enough to risk saving. Here is a gripping novel of infanticide, child slavery and the lives of people linked by abandonment, abuse and treachery.
Holm, Jennifer. Boston Jane. HarperCollins, 2001. Gr 5-8 
Thrown on her with in the wilds of the Northwest, Jane not only to cope, but to find out who she really is a proper young lady from Philadelphia or a loyal woman of the frontier
Ibbotson, Eva. Dial-a-Ghost. Dutton, 2001. Gr 4-7 
The Dial-a-Ghost Agency run by two older ladies, finds good homes for ghosts. The Wilkensons, a quiet ghost family, are looking for a nice quiet home to haunt. Customer, Fulton Snodde-Brittle is looking for the wickedest ghost available to scare his young cousin to death. But the agency which usually comes up with good matches isn't as well organized as it seems.
Lawrence, Iain. The Buccaneers. Delacorte Press, 2001. Gr 5-8 
Warned about pirates and cannibals, John sets out on his first voyage to foreign lands. A mysterious sailor, pirate ships and buried treasure make this a furious high seas adventure with a surprise ending.
Levy, Elizabeth. Night of the Living Gerbil. HarperCollins, 2001. Gr 3-5 
Losing a pet gerbil is bad enough, but when the gerbil returns as a zombie warrior, brothers Robert and Sam and bossy cousin Mabel don't know what to do. Do gerbils really return from the dead? Does the owner of the creepy store, Weird Science, have special powers? 
Naidoo, Beverly. The Other Side of Truth. HarperCollins, 2001. Gr 6-8 
Escaping the corrupt military government in Nigeria, twelve-year-old Sade and her brother face many obstacles in their wish to find their father.
Peck, Richard. Fair Weather. Dial, 2001. Gr 5-8 
When Rosie and her family receive their aunt's invitation to the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, they did not know it was the last day of their old lives in 1893. A whirlwind of humor and misadventure awaits them.
Rodda, Emily. Rowan and the Travelers. Greenwillow, 2001.Gr 4-6 
If Rowan can only figure out the wise woman's words he may be able to save his people from a mysterious sleep and an even worse danger to come.
Ruepp, Krista. The Sea Pony. Illustrated by Ulrike Heyne. North-South Books, 2001. Gr 3-4 
Philip and Goblin, his pony, are both upset by the move to Outhorn Island. An island girl attempts to help but danger for all results.
Salisbury, Graham. Lord of the Deep. Delacorte, 2001. 
A thirteen-year-old working as a deckhand on a charter boat in Hawaii knows his stepdad believes in him and is determined not to let him down. 
Strickland, Brad. The Tower At the End of the World. Dial, 2001. Gr 5--7 
An evil wizard, a mysterious island, a dark tower and a frightening monster wait for Lewis , his uncle and their friends as they vacation near Lake Superior.
Taylor, Mildred. The Land. Phyllis Fogelman Books, 2001. Gr 6-8 
From horse racing to lumber camps to double-crossing businessmen, fourteen-year-old runaway, Paul Edward will do what it takes to make his dream of owning land come true.
Testa, Maria. Some Kind of Pride. Delacorte, 2001. Gr 4-6 
Ruth is the star shortstop on her home team and dreams of becoming the first female major league baseball player. But is being defined as a great ball player what Ruth wants? Suddenly she begins to wonder who she really is. 
Thesman, Jean. A Sea So Far. Viking, 2001. Gr 5-8
Two girls, victims of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, find their lives intertwined as one becomes the other's maid. An exhausting journey, a family secret and the forces of nature give an intimate look at the lives of two girls at the beginning of the twentieth century. 
Whelan, Gloria. Angel on the Square. HarperCollins, 2001. Gr 5-8 
In crumbling wartime Russia, a young girl must take her future into her own hands.
Wynn-Jones, Tim. The Boy in the Burning House. Farrar, 2001. Gr 5-7 
Stirring up embers of the past can be a risky business. As danger closes in Tim must decide: Should he trust or betray a friend?
Zucker, N.F. Benno's Bear. Dutton 2001. Gr 4-6 
An excellent read aloud and hard-to-put-down story about Benno, trained to be a pickpocket when eyes are distracted by his dancing bear. His fingers were quick and never once had he made a mistake until the day it happens. Benno and his father are put in prison. The bear is to be sent to the zoo where it will die without Benno's loving care. What can Benno do?