The Wolf is Coming
by Elizabeth MacDonald, Illus. by Ken Brown, Dutton, 1998
Activities 1998 Nancy Polette

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The wary rabbit family is first to notice a crafty intruder on their quiet hillside, and they hurry to warn others: "The wolf is coming! The wolf is coming!" The chase begins, and the comedy grows as an ever-expanding band of noisy animals flees before the hungry wolf. In a last attempt to escape from him, the enormous crowd of farmyard friends- quite by accident- finds the perfect way to terrify the wolf into leaving the farm forever.
1. Brainstorm all the animals one might find on a farm. Create verses about each animal and the sound it makes by using this pattern. Encourage children to make up rhyming names.
I had a cow and her name was SUE
I don't know why but she loved to MOO.

I had a pig and its name was _______
I don't know why but it loved to ______
2. Play "Farmer In the Dell" using the farm animals in this story.. Put the children in a circle with the wolf in the middle. Children sing:
The wolf is on the hill,
The wolf is on the hill,
Tell the others and run away
The wolf is on the hill.

While singing the wolf runs around the circle and touches a child to be a rabbit. The wolf changes places in the circle with the rabbit and the children sing while rabbit touches someone to be the hen.
The rabbit tells the hen
The rabbit tells the hen
Cluck, cluck, cluck and run away
The rabbit tells the hen

Continue with:
The hen tells the pig (oink, oink, oink and runaway)
The pig tells the cow (moo, moo, moo and run away)
The cow tells the donkey ( hee haw, hee haw run away)

Last verse:
They all were in the shack
They all were in the shack
Then they sneezed and fell on their knees
And that was the end of the shack.
3. Writing Patterns
List the animals on the board or chart paper-- wolf, rabbit, hen, pig, cow, donkey
Find two that are alike in some way and one that is different. Example:
A rabbit has four legs
A wolf has four legs
A hen does not have four legs.
A cow can make a loud noise
A donkey can make a loud noise
A rabbit cannot make a loud noise
Use the information in the simple research reporting pattern below.


Eats Lives Does
gophers U.S. runs fast
rats woods howls
rabbits Alaska  
Looks like Has
large dog soft fur
yellowish gray bushy tail
5-8 ft. tall erect ears
London Bridge Song
Crafty wolves have _______ and ________
________________ and ___________________
_______________and ____________________
Crafty wolves eat _______ and __________
And they like to ______________________