The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
by Jon Scieszka. Illustrated by Lane Smith. Viking, 1989.
Activities 2001 Nancy Polette

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It seems that a wolf wanted to make a birthday cake for his granny and needed to borrow some sugar from his closest neighbors, the pigs. However, A. Wolf had a bad cold and just before he could make his request for sugar, he sneezed so hard that he blew down the houses of the first two pigs.
"Not wanting to waste a perfectly good ham dinner," the wolf ate the pigs.
However, when he tried to borrow sugar from the third pig with a house of bricks, the third pig called the police and the wolf ended up in jail. Not his fault at all, to hear him tell it.
Directions: Work with a partner. Cut the words apart. How many ways can you group the words? Use as many of the words as you can in one sentence to describe the cover of the book. You may add other words to your sentence as needed.
wolf started story diet animals wrong
sneeze sugar granny birthday neighbor straw
knocked doornail sticks doorknob believe brother
brains brick fellow huffing puffing cake
Before reading the story , choose a sentence starter to complete. You may add one or two more sentences if you wish.
A. A grandmother's birthday is...
B. Things to borrow from a neighbor...
C. In a story the wolf is usually...
D. An excuse is something that you...
Work in small groups with each group discussing one question. Each group should have a secretary to write the main ideas of the discussion. At the end of the discussion time the secretary for each group reads the main points of the group's discussion.
A. Do you believe the wolf's story? Why or why not?
B. Which would be the best house, one made of straw or one made of sticks? Why?
C. What if the wolf had not had a cold? How would his story change?
Directions: Cut apart the story strips and place in the correct order to tell the story. Edit your story .
Be sure to use capital letters and punctuation marks.
1. he could not blow down the brick house
2. he blew down the straw and stick houses
3. a wolf went to jail
4. a wolf began to bake a cake
5. he ate two pigs
Use only these letters to make the missing words:
p  n  g  i  r  s
A. Use three of the letters to make the missing word.
     Your granny can sit on a ___  ___  ___ .
B. Add one letter to make a word that means to turn around fast. 
C. Move the letters around in the "B" word to make a word that means to cut. 
D. Take away two letters and add two letters to make the missing word.
    A Wolf  had  a __  __  ___  ___ on his face.
E. Change the letters around in the "D" word to make the missing word.
     A. Wolf should ___  ___  ___  ___  the doorbell.
F. Add two letters to the #5 word to tell what time of year Granny's birthday was.
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
Take the common cold quiz. Circle the letter under true or false for each statement. Write the letters you circled on the lines below. If your answers are correct you will have spelled a word that goes along with the common cold.
True False
1. 100 different germs can cause the common cold S L
2. Cold weather causes a cold. O N
3. A person with a cold usually has a sneezing, runny nose. E P
4. Coughing from a cold can last two to three weeks. E J
5. A cold and a high fever go together. B Z
6. There is no medicine that will cure a cold. E R

To market, to market to buy a fat pig
Home again, home again, jiggety jig.
To market, to market to buy a fat hog
Home again, home again, jiggety jog.

Here are things one can buy at the market that come from pigs.

ham bacon sausage
gloves jacket shoes
belt football brush
lard soap candle
shaving cream glue

Write more "To Market" verses telling which of the items above you would buy. You can make up rhyming words for the last line.

To market, to market to buy some soap
Home again, home again, lope, lope, lope!

Choose one piece of information from each group. Write an imaginary news story .You may add details of your own, but remember: a news story should present the facts in a clear manner.
__Santa Claus __Fell from the sky
__ Little Red Hen __ Accused of murder
__ Hungry Giant __ Won a gold medal
__ Little Miss Muffet __ Ate a spider
__ During a snowstorm __ Never-never Land
__ On his birthday __ In a department store
__ Early this morning __ On a farm
__ at midnight __ At the circus