Stone Fox
by John Gardiner, HarperCollins, 1980
Activities 1998 Nancy Polette

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A. Topic Talking:
Assign partners. Partner A talks to B until you say 'switch.' Then B talks to A on the same topic until you say 'stop.' Have three rounds, each a little longer than the previous round. Topics are related in general to the book to be read.
B. Topic Focusing
Answer these questions about sled dogs. Guess if you do not know.
1. How many breeds of dogs can pull sleds?
2. How many miles can a team pull a led in one day?
3. How many dogs are on an average team?
4. How many pounds can a team pull?
5. How many teeth does a dog have?
6. How many miles does the Iditarod dog race cover?
C. Problem Solving
Ten-year-old Willy is worried. Grandfather will not get out of bed and the doctor says there is nothing she can do. "Some folks", she says, "just decide to stop living." Then Willy discovers that $500. 00 in taxes are due on the farm and if not paid, the tax collector will take the farm. What can Willy do to save grandfather and the farm? List your ideas on the grid below. Score each idea using the criteria. One = no, two= maybe and 3= yes.
D. A Question to Ponder:
Why do you think Stone Fox let Willy win the race?
E. Write an acrostic poem about Stone Fox. See the example about Willy.
W orked to grow potatoes
I gnored Stone Fox's previous wins
L oved grandfather
L ost his dog
Y es I can! was his motto.
F. Write about the State of Wyoming with the "Coming Around the Mountain" model that follows:
She'll be coming from (capital) when she comes
She'll be coming from (large city) when she comes
She'll bring (three products)
She'll bring (three crops)
She'll be coming from Wyoming when she comes.