Julie of the Wolves
by Jean Craighead George, HarperCollins, Newbery Winner 1973
Activities 2000 Nancy Polette

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Motherless Miyax is married off at thirteen to a dimwitted older boy. Unable to come to grips with this intolerable situation, she runs away hoping to find her way to San Francisco. She ends up lost on the barren Alaskan tundra and encounters a pack of Arctic wolves Near starvation she watches them very closely, until she finally learns and understands how to communicate with them. She is soon accepted by the leader of the pack, Amaroq, and with help, is able to survive. Amaroq, is shot from the air by wolf bounty hunters. Miyax is frantic, and determined to save the rest of the pack. She convinces them to leave the area for safer ground and must now make a decision to stay with the wolves or return to civilization.
Activity One: Visit the internet site on Alaska at:

Compare Alaska with your state or province using this pattern:
If I visited Alaska I would see: 
____________________________________________ and 
____________________________________________ and 
____________________________________________ and 
And these are things I could do 
____________________________________________ and 
____________________________________________ and 
____________________________________________ and 
But I couldn't _________________________________ 
because visitors to (name your state or province)___________________ do that.

Alaska by Donna Walsh Shepherd. Children's Press, 1999 
Alaska ( From Sea to Shining Sea) by Dennis B. Fradin. 
Children's Press, 1994 
Alaska: Portrait of America by Kathleen Thompson. Raintree, 1996 
The Fascinating World of Wolves by Angels Julivert. Barrons, 1996 
Welcome to the World of Wolves by Diane Swanson. Whitecap Books, 1996

Activity Two: Arctic Wolves 

Guess whether each statement below is true or false. Support or 
deny your guesses by reading about wolves at: 


  1. The Arctic wolf can eat up to 100 lb of 
    food at a time. _____
  2. It will eat every part of Arctic hare including skin, fur, bones. _____
  3. Younger pack members will watch the cubs while the mother is hunting. _____
  4. A full gown male can weigh as much as 175 lbs. _____
  5. The number of young in a single litter is four or five. 
  6. Wolves live in family groups of seven to ten. _____
  7. The life span of a wolf is about seven years. _____

Choose and print out, if possible one of the pictures from this site. List as 
many words as you can to describe the wolf in the picture.

Activity Three: Mission Wolf 
Mission Wolf is a wolf sanctuary manned by volunteers in the remote mountains of Colorado. Wolf  "residents" of the Mission are wolves that have at one time been confined to captivity. On its extensive wild land the Mission provides for the needs of these wolves-food, water, living space, companionship and privacy. Seasonal volunteers are needed to work at the refuge. Read about this safe haven for wolves. Below give reasons why you would or would not volunteer to work there.


Reasons To Volunteer Reasons Not To Volunteer