by Don Freeman. Viking Press, 1968
Activities 2006 Nancy Polette

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Corduroy was a small stuffed bear with green overalls who sat on the toy shelf of a large department store. He wished more than anything for a child to take him home but it never happened. Then one day a little girl spotted him on the shelf and knew that Corduroy had to be her bear even though he was missing a button. That night Corduroy goes throughout the department store searching for his lost button. He thinks he has found in in the furniture department on a mattress but finds it won't come off unless he tugs and pulls with all his might. Finally he does retrieve the button and is found by the night watchman who puts him back where he belongs on the toy shelf. The next day the little girl returns and takes Corduroy home where he discovers what a real home is like.
Before reading the story, choose a sentence starter to complete. You may add one or two more sentences if you wish.

1. Shopping with mother is................
2. Toy animals that can talk............
3. One thing many people lose is..............
4. The best department in a department store is.......
5. Losing something you need can be..........
6. When going on an escalator you should.......
7. One good thing to save money for is.........
8. You know you are home when.......


Directions: Work in small groups with each group discussing one question. Each group should have a secretary to write the main ideas of the discussion. At the end of the discussion time the secretary for each group reads the main points of the group's discussion.

1. Why do you think no one ever seemed to want Corduroy?
2. What did Lisa see about Corduroy that no one else saw?
3. Why did Corduroy think he had climbed a mountain and visited a palace?
4. Why didn't the night watchman suspect Corduroy of making the mess in the furniture department?
5. What if Corduroy had not found a button? Would Lisa have taken him home? Why or why not?
6. Why didn't Lisa want the sales lady to put Corduroy in a box?


Directions: Choose words from the box to complete each line in the song. Tune: Hush Little Baby

day bear girl friend play eye Corduroy
On a shelf just sitting there
Was a very small brown (1)____________________
Not a single girl or boy
Wanted to buy (2)________________________________
Then a little (3)________________ walked by
Looked that bear right in the (4)____________
She came back on the next (5) ___________________________
Took that small bear home to (6)______________________
Corduroy had found a (7) __________________________
Now this song comes to an end.


Choose a toy you might find in a toy store. Write six clues about the toy. Number them 1-6. One clue must be a "give away" clue. Ask a classmate to give you a number between one and six. Read the fact for that number. If the student passes, call on another classmate to give you a different number. The game continues until the mystery animal is guessed, or all clues are read.

1. I can move.
2. I have more than one part to me.
3. I can make noise.
4. I am not an animal.
5. My name rhymes with rain.
6. I often go round and round (Answer: Train)
Write your clues here: