Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type
by Doreen Cronin. Simon & Schuster, 2000
Activities 2001 Nancy Polette

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The Story:
Farmer Brown's cows want electric blankets and refuse to give milk until they get them.
1. Topic Focusing: Answer these questions. Guess if you do not know.
A. How many pounds of milk does a cow give in one year?
B. How many stomachs does a cow have?
C. How many years does a cow give milk?
2. Vocabulary
Find three or more words that go together and tell why.
farm barn cow moo type
note message blanket milk door
work hen eggs day dock
pond night feed morning board
3.Sentence starters
1. Living on a farm would be...
2. A good way to keep warm at night is...
3. Typewriters are noisy because...
4. Discussion
A. What parts of this story could be true? Why? Not true? Why?
B. What other story does this story remind you of?
5. When Two Sides Don't Agree
Here are steps in reaching an agreement. Tell what the cows did for each step.
1. Decide on your goal 
2. Plan your strategy.
3. Outline your tactics.
4. Find a neutral party to help.
5. Make proposals.
6. Reach an agreement.
6.Story strips
Put in order. Add capital letters and punctuation.
1. the hens will not lay eggs
2. the cows ask for blankets
3. the ducks keep the typewriter
4. farmer brown says no blankets
5. farmer brown's cows type all day
6. farmer brown will trade blankets for the typewriter
7. the cows will not give milk
8. duck carries the messages
7. Farm Animal Sound Poem
Use the pattern to write a poem about a cow, a horse, a hen and a duck.

I had a pig
His name was Boink
I don't know why
But he loved to oink.
8. Spelling
Use only these letters to make the missing words: R M E F R A
1. Use three letters to make a word that is part of the body.
2. Take away one letter and add one letter to make a word that means a long way to go.
3. Add one letter to make a word that means to be afraid.
4. Take away one letter, add one letter and move letters around to tell where Farmer Brown lives.
5. Add one letter and move letters around to tell what you would find around a picture.
6. Use all the letters to tell who the cows sent their notes to.

Chickens Data Bank

Found Have Eat
in a coop beaks bugs
_________________  ______________ ______________
  What they do
  scratch in the barnyard
Use the information to the tune of "Did You Ever See a Lassie" 
Did you ever see a chicken, a chicken, a chicken 
Did you ever see a chicken on a nest in a coop?