Discovering Community Helpers with:
Cat Up a Tree
by John and Ann Hassett. Houghton-Mifflin, 1998
Activities 1999 Nancy Polette

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When Nana Quimby saw a cat up a tree she rang the firehouse. "Help," she cried, "Cat up a tree." " Sorry," said the firehouse. "We do not catch cats up a tree anymore. Call back if that cat starts playing with matches." More and more cats climb up Nana Quimby's tree but no matter who she calls she gets no help. Each of these community helpers told her to call back if she had a different kind of problem. What do you suppose they told her:
A. The police station: Call back if the cats _____________________________
B. The pet shop: Call back if the cats__________________________________
C. The zoo: Call back if one of the cats ________________________________
D. The post office: Call back if the cats _______________________________
E.The library: Call back if the cats ___________________________________
F. The City Hall: Call back if you need ________________________________
It seems that no one will help Nana Quimby. What can she do to get the cats down from the tree?
List ideas here fast low cost safe will work total
________________________ ____ _______ _____ _________ _____
________________________ ____ _______ _____ _________ _____
________________________ ____ _______ _____ _________ _____
________________________ ____ _______ _____ _________ _____

Score each idea 1 = no 2 = maybe 3 = yes
After Nana Quimby rescues forty cats from the tree she gets a phone call from City Hall.
"Help," cried City Hall.
"Mice in the firehouse,
Mice in the jail,
Mice in the books
Mice in the mail."
"Sorry," said Nana Quimby, "the cats do not catch mice anymore. Call back if ____________________________________________________________ What do you think Nana Quimby told the mayor?

Create a book for each community helper.
Title the books:
A is for policeman
B is for librarian
T is for fireman
M is for postman
R is for Mayor
Each book should have at least six pages and each page should give a different word describing the duties of the helper.
Assists people
Arrests burglars
Helps in accidents
Write a cat chant. Fill in the blank spaces below. Use a describing word on the first six lines and tell where cats might be found on the next seven lines. Read your chant aloud.
Hurrah for cats!
__________________ cats
__________________ cats
__________________ cats
__________________ cats
__________________ cats
__________________ cats
These are just a few
on______________________________ under____________________________
near _____________________________
on top of _______________________,too

Stand and shout
Yell it out

Hurrah for cats!