Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse
by Kevin Henkes
Activities 1998 Nancy Polette

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School was a wonderful place to be until the day Lilly took her new glittery glasses and purple plastic purse to school. She was so anxious to share her new things that she ignored her teacher's warning to wait and interrupted the class. When her teacher took the things to keep for her until the end of the day, Lilly was furious. She drew a terrible picture of Mr. Slinger and put it into his book bag. Can you guess what will happen next?
1. A really good day at school would be
2. It would be nice to have a new
3. The best school lunch would be
4. When someone is not having a good day
List things Lilly did in the story.
Drew pictures
Taught her brother
Showed her purse
Became furious
Use two in London Bridge song about Lilly.
Little Lilly drew pictures
Drew pictures
Drew pictures
Little Lilly drew pictures
And taught her brother.
Pretend you are in The Lightbulb Lab where questions can have many right answers. What can you name that is:
1. As tall as a mountain?
2. As fast as a racing car?
3. Smaller than an ant?
4. Louder than a fire alarm?
5. Heavier than an elephant?
6. Sweeter than candy?
7. Longer than a river?
8. Happier than Lilly at school?
DIRECTIONS: Read the directions for making each word. Fill in the blank spaces with the words you make. Use only these letters to make the words: A R H C T E E
1. Use three letters to name one of Lilly's favorite classes in school. ____ ____ ____
2. From the word you just made, take away one letter and add one letter to tell what Lilly does at lunchtime. ____ ____ ____
3. From the word you made in #2, take away one letter and add two letters to make a word that tells what a stomach does when you eat too much. ____ ____ ____ ____
4. Add one letter to the word you made in #3 and move letters around to tell what Lilly must do to get something from a high shelf. ____ ____ ____ ____ ____
5. Add two letters to the word you made in #4 and move letters around to tell what a person is called who doesn't follow the rules in a game. ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____
6. Move the letters around in the word you made for #5 to tell what Lilly wants to be when she grows up. ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____
Lilly thought of many things she wanted to be when she grew up:
a dancer, a surgeon, an ambulance driver, a diva, a pilot and a scuba diver.
Choose one of Lilly's ideas and write about it using this pattern.
I wish I were a diva (tell what)
Standing on an opera stage (tell where)
Singing a beautiful song (doing what)
Hitting high notes with the orchestra (tell how)