Annie and the Wild Animals
by Jan Brett, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1985
Activities 1998 Nancy Polette

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It had been a long winter and the snow was falling . Annie could not find Taffy anywhere. Annie waited and waited but her cat did not return so Annie decided to make some corn cakes and leave them at the edge of the woods to attract another small animal to be her pet. She could not believe it when a moose, a wildcat, a bear and a stag appeared. What will Annie do? Will she ever see Taffy again?
Suppose that your family was ready to sit down to lunch when the doorbell rings and four friends come to visit. You have just enough food on the table for your family.
Working in groups of four, rank order what you would do first, second, third and last.
1. Add more water to the soup, cut the sandwiches in half and ask the visitors to join you.
2. Don't answer the door.
3. Go to the store and get more food.
4. Ask the visitors to wait while the family has lunch.
Choose words to complete each line in the song.
Tune: Hush Little Baby
day cakes away there found bear pet
Once upon a winter day
Little Taffy ran (1)_____________
Annie walked the frozen ground
But her pet could not be (2)__________
With corn (3)________________ she hoped to get
An animal to be her (4)_______________
Moose and stag and growling (5) _____________
No small pet was eating (6)____________
Then spring came, they went away
Taffy came back home to (7)_______________
Put he sentences in order to tell the story. Add capital letters and periods where needed.
1. annie wants to find a new pet
2. taffy wanders off into the woods
3. taffy comes back with a new family
4. there is no more corn meal
5. when spring comes the animals leave
6. annie makes corn cakes for the animals
Use the information in the bear Data Bank in the patterns that follow.


Eats Lives Does
fish N. America hunts
insects woods hibernates in winter
berries Alaska makes bed of grass
rodents mountains weighs 1 lb at birth
Looks like Has
brown fur moist snout
four legs five-toed feet
5-8 ft. tall sharp claws
500-700 lbs. immense strength
If I had the __________ of a _____________
I would _______________________________
And I'd _______________________________
But I wouldn't ________________________
And __________________________________
Because _________________ (do/does) that.
Hey kids! I have a ____________________ for sale. It's the handiest thing you will ever want to own since it can ___________ and __________________________________ and __________________________________ and the greatest thing about it is_______ ______________________________________
"If I Were" Pattern
Name the thing you want to be.
Where is it found?
One thing it would do for someone else.
A second thing it would do.
Repeat the first line.

If I were a blanket
All snug in your bed
I would curl all around you
And keep you warm from toe to head
If I were a blanket.